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Did you know that it is White Day on Mar. 14? White Day is the time when boys reciprocate their love for the girls they love by giving them candies. It is celebrated mainly in Asian countries.

Yoon JiSung had decided to treat fans to a session of V-Live by showing them how he made tanghulu. Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack that people usually use fruits and coat them with sugar.

If you have yet to see the V-Live, you can do so below.

While he was making the treat, he had many funny moments such as noticing how the sticks of fruits he had coated with sugar ended up sticking together.

Yoon JiSung Gets Excited Over Making Tanghulu On White Day

V-Live Screenshot

Another time, he also found it hilarious when he only ate the strawberry without the sugar coating.

Yoon JiSung Gets Excited Over Making Tanghulu On White Day

Yoon JiSung Twitter

After the V-Live had ended, Yoon JiSung also uploaded pictures of him laughing happily while carrying the ladle that was stuck to the pot!

Fans could not help but commented on how hilarious the V-Live session was and that he had indeed made many fans happier.

Nonetheless, both the idol as well as his fans seemed to have a great time together!

Did you find the V-Live hilarious too?


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