It has been reported that YoonA of Girls' Generation will be picking up where IU left off in the TV show 'Hyori's Home Stay' as the helper.

YoonA of Girls' Generation To Appear In 'Hyori's Home Stay'


The news has been confirmed on January 8th by the official representatives of the TV show. Additionally, there has also been much caution surrounding the filming as well as measures to not leak any information about the upcoming episodes.

YoonA of Girls' Generation To Appear In 'Hyori's Home Stay'

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HyoRi's Home Stay is a reality TV program that depicts the life of veteran K-Pop idol Lee HyoRi and her husband Lee SangSoon, taking place in their residence located in Jeju Island.


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Jan 9, 2018 02:16 am

Thot it might have been Sejeong or Hani - but Yoona is wonderful!! Hyori will now have Tinkerbell washing her dishes! Can't wait for it...