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It was revealed that famous celebrity couple, Girls' Generation YoonA and actor Lee SeungGi has ended their relationship.

Yoona Reveals Reason to Break Up with Lee SeungGi


According to YoonA's agency, SM Entertainment, they have decided that they would make better friends than lovers. The couple broke up about one year nine months after they had officially announced that they were dating. “Both are still meeting as friends. They support each other as colleagues and actors,” said their agency recently, as cited by local media.

It was revealed on January 1st 2014 that they were officially dating as a couple but broke up in August 2015.

Meanwhile, Lee SeungGi will be making a return appearance as the new cast for Na YoungSeok PD's newest variety program. As for YoonA, after the single 'PARTY', together with Girls' Generation, will come back soon with a full album, that is expected to be released with two title tracks, 'Lion Heart' and 'You Think'.


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