Boy group Zetta greeted their fans for the new year.

On 26th, boy group Zetta (HoJun, B.Top, Zero, Neo, SungHyun) greeted fans for the new year.

They sent their greetings to fans in Korea, whom they are unable to see due to the busy schedules they have in Japan with “2017 Tokyo, Japan Concerts”.

In the released picture, Zetta is wearing colorful hanboks, catching the eyes of the viewers with their handsome looks. They greeted their fans, “The new year of 2017 has started. We hope you have a happier and healthier year compared to last year.” and continued, “We will also do our best to work harder and show more mature stages. Wish you all the best in the New Year!”

Zetta will continue to greet their fans in Japan and Korea through concerts and performances.

Zetta Greets Fans for the New Year

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