During the latest recording of “Happy Together 3”, Zico shocked everyone with his drawing skills.

During the recording, Zico came up to give out the questions for the segment “One Jjal is Worth a Thousand Words”. Jjal is an internet word that refers to pictures or drawings. In this segment, the person who gives out the questions draws, and the others have to guess what the title of it is.

During the recording, receiving the baton from Kian84, Zico sat in front of the sketchbook smiling. He looked very excited as he sat down, but soon, changed his expressions to show off his drawing talent. With a single stroke, he drew out jjals.

Yoo JaeSuk, seeing this, said “Zico draws very well” several times, and even said “Do you want to try working (for us)?”, trying to recruit him to become a fix panel for “Happy Together 3”. Original artist for “Happy Together 3”, Kian84,’s face went white as he heard this, making everyone laugh.

“Happy Together 3” producers stated, “Zico’s sense and drawing skills shocked not just the panels but the staffs as well. Jjals with different charms compared to Kian84 has been created. You can anticipate for Zico’s performance in the broadcast.”

“Happy Together 3” will be broadcasted on the 5th at 11:10 PM KST on KBS 2TV.

Zico Shocks Everyone with His Artistic Talent


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