ZICO Warns Netizens Producing False Rumors With SeolHyeon On Instagram

Block B’s ZICO strongly denied the false rumor of dating scandal with SeolHyun on his Instagram.

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A few days ago, there popped out a dating scandal of ZICO and SeolHyun, which is that they are seeing each other again recently. The rumor broke out from the Instagram story of SeolHyun, which includes a limited sneakers of Adidas with Kanye West, the American rapper and a designer. Some netizens talked that the shoes must belong to ZICO, so SeolHyun was definitely going to meet ZICO there. The reason why netiznes were claiming that was the limited sneakers have been often found in ZICO’s daily styling. 

However, this was turned out to be just a groundless claim. The limited Kanye’s sneakers have made a huge hit around the globe and even Korean celebrities, like Yoo JaeSeok and Sleepy, enjoy to put them on usually. So, there’s no surprises if SeolHyun and ZICO have the same sneakers.

Regard this situation, on August 22nd,  ZICO rebutted, “Do not make rumors” and “False information” on his Instagram story with the screenshot including all the articles dealing with the dating scandal of them. Judging from this, the reunion scandal of SeolHyun and ZICO seems to be false. The person directly involved, ZICO seems to have wanted there would be no more groundless, speculative articles about them. 

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Check Out SeolHyun’s Cutest Post on her Instagram

SeolHyun of AOA was the new endorsement idol for a famous ramen, Zzapageti.

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She has been on diverse advertisements such as fashion accessories, outdoor brands, cars, mobile games, and even soft drink.
Directors of advertisements adore her as a model not only because of her perfect body and beautiful looks, but because her bright and cheerful image delivers a positive image to the public.

Recently, she filmed an instant noodle ad, and she just loved shooting it. She was known to be one of the idols who loves food, so she was able to satisfy herself eating noodle during the shoot.

She even posted herself on her Instagram. #SulHyunXZzpagetti, #Finally, #the noodle came to me # god it looks delicious # want to have it again.

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Her post gave a big laugh to her fans.

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DEAN Reveals He’s Better Than Zico At This Romantic Fan Service

DEAN and Zico are one of the most famous K-Hip-hop friends, but apparently there’s a little friendly rivalry between the two heartthrobs.

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DEAN and BLOCK B’s Zico are a hot issue these days, as they will both be featuring on the upcoming season of “Show Me The Money”. DEAN appeared on an episode of KBS 2’s “Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook”, where he showed off his friendship with his ‘BERMUDA TRIANGLE’ partners Zico and Crush – who are all the same age. MC Yoo HeeYeol asked, “What do you think of when Zico ranked you as the most handsome, Crush as second and himself third?” Dean replied laughing, “I respect his opinion.”

Then Yoo HeeYeol followed up by asking, “Can you tell me one thing that you think you’re best at among 3 of you?” Lord Handsome Guy, DEAN, replied, “I’m the best at eye contact. No one can beat me.”

There you have it folks! DEAN can beat Zico and Crush any day at making eye contact – one of the fan service favorites!





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Zico Shocks Everyone with His Artistic Talent

During the latest recording of “Happy Together 3”, Zico shocked everyone with his drawing skills.

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During the recording, Zico came up to give out the questions for the segment “One Jjal is Worth a Thousand Words”. Jjal is an internet word that refers to pictures or drawings. In this segment, the person who gives out the questions draws, and the others have to guess what the title of it is.

During the recording, receiving the baton from Kian84, Zico sat in front of the sketchbook smiling. He looked very excited as he sat down, but soon, changed his expressions to show off his drawing talent. With a single stroke, he drew out jjals.

Yoo JaeSuk, seeing this, said “Zico draws very well” several times, and even said “Do you want to try working (for us)?”, trying to recruit him to become a fix panel for “Happy Together 3”. Original artist for “Happy Together 3”, Kian84,’s face went white as he heard this, making everyone laugh.

“Happy Together 3” producers stated, “Zico’s sense and drawing skills shocked not just the panels but the staffs as well. Jjals with different charms compared to Kian84 has been created. You can anticipate for Zico’s performance in the broadcast.”

“Happy Together 3” will be broadcasted on the 5th at 11:10 PM KST on KBS 2TV.

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Can You Guess What SeolHyun Thinks as Her Problem?

SeolHyun of AOA worried that she has too much of this and she considered it as a problem.

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Can you guess what it is?

The answer is!!!

SeolHyun, SeolHyun of AOA, AOA, SulHyun, SeolHyun Cute Moments


Having too much curiosity and questions!

We think it’s pretty cute and adorable of her to think that it is a serious problem.

However, some of the people close with her, and has gone through her tons of questions, did not think so.
So what she did to herself was to limit questions to 10 per day. (So Cute.)

The most recent proof that she was a girl with curiosity was when she was in “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”. The two hosts of the program felt exhausted after uncountable questions and finally told her to stop.

SeolHyun, SeolHyun of AOA, AOA, SulHyun, SeolHyun Cute Moments


Also, she unintentionally hurt the feelings of a host in “Knowing Brother” because she asked him whether he is really going to drop out of the program when the ratings are over 5%. (It was the host’s joke made in the early times of the program.) 

So, do you think having too much questions is a fault?

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