Z-Stars (Z-Boys & Z-Girls) Warms Up The Cold Season With New Single ‘It’s Christmas’

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Z-Stars (Z-Boys & Z-Girls) Warms Up The Cold Season With New Single ‘It’s Christmas’

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Z-Boys and Z-Girls who are also known as Z-Stars had released their special single “Z-POP Dream-The Gift” on Dec. 1.

It was said that this comeback was prepared with the thought of repaying the love from their fans. They share the message that no matter how hard times can be, they will always be beside them like a close friend or even a close neighbour!

Their title track ‘It’s Christmas’ begins with a cheerful, light spirit and continues to develop into a merry track. A main point to look out for is the fact that members from 7 different countries speak in their language near the end of the music video!

If you have to yet to check it out, you should definitely watch their music video below.

Seeing how this track suits the upcoming Christmas and holiday season, they also hope that it will become a song that will warm up everyone’s heart with the message that they are delivering.

For those who did not already know, Z-Stars consists of members from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Taiwan and Japan. They were formed through “Z-POP Dream Project”.

It is also reported that “Z-POP Dream Project” is currently having their 2nd project. Through auditions held in various countries, they will be choosing new members and aim to launch the group next year.

Are you also loving the new track which they had released?


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