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Cha SeoungWon (차승원)






Jun 07 1970

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188 cm


80 kg


Sungkyunkwan University

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※ Update: Nov 8, 2021

Cha SeoungWon (Cha SeungWon) is a Korean fashion model and actor.

He debuted as a model for the 18th Model Line in 1988. He was a legend in the Korean model industry.
He began to appear in TV programs, movies, and dramas in the 1990s.

He started acting in the 1997 film "Holiday in Seoul" as a minor role, and has since appeared in numerous works.
At first, he did not receive attention as an actor, but he appeared on a TV talk show and began to receive attention for the unique way he talks.

Thanks to his great performance on the talk show, he also began to draw attention as an actor. By appearing in a number of works, he proved that he is not only handsome, a unique speaker, but also excellent in acting.

His representative works include "The End of the Century" (1999), "Libera Me" (2000), "Bodyguard" (2003), "Kick The Moon" (2001), "Jail Breakers" (2002), "My Teacher, Mr. Kim" (2003), "Ghost House" (2004), "Athena: Goddess of War" (2010), "The Greatest Love" (2011), "Splendid Politics" (2015), "A Korean Odyssey"(2017), "Cheer Up, Mr. Lee"(2019) and "Night in Paradise" (2021).

He will work with actor Kim SooHyun in "One Ordinary Day" which is scheduled to air in November 2021.
In 2022, he will also appear in the drama "Our Blues".

Let's look at his filmography.



1997 - Holiday In Seoul (Supporting Role)

1998 - If the Sun Rises in the West (Supporting Role)

1999 - Ghost in Love (Supporting Role)

- Attack the Gas Station! (Cameo Appearance)

- Fin de Siecle (Lead Role)

2000 - Black Honeymoon (Lead Role)

- Libera Me (Lead Role)

2001 - Kick The Moon (Lead Role)

2002 - Break Out (Lead Role)

- Jail Breakers (Lead Role)

2003 - Project X (Lead Role)

- My Teacher, Mr. Kim (Lead Role)

2004 - Ghost House (Lead Role)

- Lovely Rivals (Extra Role)

2005 - Blood Rain (Lead Role)

- The Big Scene (Lead Role)

2006 - South of the Border (Lead Role)

2007 - Small Town Rivals (Lead Role)

- A Day With My Son (Lead Role)

2008 - Eye for an Eye (Lead Role)

2009 - Secret (Lead Role)

2010 - Blades of Blood (Lead Role)

- 71: Into the Fire (Lead Role)

2011 - Athena: Goddess of War (Lead Role)

2012 - Mr. Xxx-kisser (Cameo Appearance)

2014 - High Heel (Lead Role)

2016 - The Map Against The World (Lead Role)

2018 - Believer (Supporting Role)

2019 - Cheer Up, Mr. Lee (Lead Role)

2021 - Night in Paradise (Lead Role)

- Sinkhole (Lead Role)



1997 - New York Story (Supporting Role)

1998 - Song of The Wind (Supporting Role)

- Barefoot Run (Supporting Role)

- Woman To Woman (Lead Role)

- Blushing with Love (Supporting Role)

- Angel's Kiss (Lead Role)

1999 - Roses and Bean Sprout (Supporting Role)

- 8 Love Stories (Lead Role)

- Woman on Top (Lead Role)

2003 - Bodyguard (Lead Role)

2009 - City Hall (Lead Role)

2010 - Athena: Goddess of War (Lead Role)

2011 - The Greatest Love (Lead Role)

2014 - You're All Surrounded (Lead Role)

2015 - Splendid Politics (Lead Role)

2017 - A Korean Odyssey (Lead Role)

2021 - One Ordinary Day (Lead Role)

TBA - Our Blues (Lead Role)



Position - 'I Love You'

T-ara - 'Cry Cry'

Kim JangHoon - Shower (So-Na-Gi)

Wanna One - 'Beautiful' M/V (Movie ver.)


Attack the Gas Station!


Eye for an Eye


City Hall


Athena: Goddess of War


71: Into the Fire


The Greatest Love


High Heel


You're All Surrounded


A Korean Odyssey


Night in Paradise

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