Go KyungPyo Profile: Actor From "Reply 1988" To "Private Lives" Profile

Go KyungPyo (고경표)


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Jun 11 1990


184 cm


2010 in KBS Drama "Jungle Fish 2"


Kunkuk University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Go KyungPyo is a Korean actor.

He appeared as a supporting actor in "Public Enemy Returns" in 2008 and started acting for the first time. His official debut film was "Jungle Fish 2" released in 2010.

Since then, he has built a filmography with supporting roles, cameos and lead roles in productions such as "A Millionaire on the Run" (2012), "Flower Boy Next Door" (2013), "PotatoStar 2013QR3" (2013), "Reply 1988" (2015), "Jealousy Incarnation" (2016), "Chicago Typewriter" (2017), and "Cross" (2018).

He played the role of Seo YeJi's brother in 2013's "PotatoStar 2013QR3" and they had great chemistry in the role of brother and sister who argue all the time. And in the drama "Private Lives", which is scheduled to air in October this year, he will act with SeoHyun. It will be his first drama since his military discharge.

Let's check out his filmography!




2008 - Public Enemy Returns (Minor Role)

2010 - Jungle Fish 2 (Minor Role)

2011 - eommawa achimsiktak (Literal translation: Breakfast table with mom) (Major Role)

2012 - A Millionaire on the Run (Major Role)

- joreobyeohaeng (Literal translation: Graduation trip) (Major Role)

2013 - the story of MAN & WOMAN (Major Role)

- One Summer Night (Major Role)

- Horror Stories II (Major Role)

- Youth Talk (Major Role)

2014 - One Summer Night (Major Role)

- Man on High Heels (Minor Role)

- The Admiral: Roaring Currents (Minor Role)

2015 - Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies (Cameo Appearance)

- Coin Locker Girl (Minor Role)

- The Treacherous (Cameo Appearance)

2018 - Seven Years of Night (Major Role)

2021 - Determination to Part Ways (Major Role)




2010 - Jungle Fish 2 (Minor Role)

2011 - I Believe in Love (Minor Role)

2012 - Operation Proposal (Minor Role)

- Standby (Major Role)

- God's Quiz Season 3 (Minor Role)

2013 - Flower Boy Next Door (Minor Role)

- PotatoStar 2013QR3 (Major Role)

2014 - God's Quiz Season 4 (Cameo Appearance)

- Naeil's Cantabile (Minor Role)

2015 - Warm and Cozy (Cameo Appearance)

- Reply 1988 (Major Role)

2016 - What's Your Blood Type? (Major Role)

- Jealousy Incarnate (Major Role)

2017 - Chicago Typewriter (Major Role)

- Strongest Deliveryman (Major Role)

- The Best Moment To Quit Your Job (Cameo Appearance)

2018 - Cross (Major Role)

2020 - Private Lives (Major Role)





Horror Stories II


PotatoStar 2013QR3


Man on High Heels


Coin Locker Girl


Reply 1988


Jealousy Incarnate


Chicago Typewriter



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