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Kim SoYeon (김소연)


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Nov 02 1980

Blood Type



165 cm


45 kg


1994 in SBS Drama "Dinosaur Teacher"


Dongguk University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Kim SoYeon is a Korean actress. She was a teen star.

She made her debut in the drama "Dinosaur Teacher" that aired in 1994. Since then, she has gained popularity by playing diverse characters in several dramas and sitcoms.
Her 90's masterpiece is the sitcom "Soonpoong Clinic", which aired in 1998.
Since then, she has appeared in "All About Eve" aired in 2000 and went on to stardom, but she will go through little dark ages in the mid-2000s.
After that, she appeared in the drama "IRIS" and succeeded in recovering.

The dramas she appeared in include such as "Mothers and Sisters" (2000), "Sunshine" (2001), "IRIS" (2009), "Prosecutor Princess" (2010), "The Great Seer" (2012), "I Need Romance 3" (2014), "Falling for Innocence" (2015), "Happy Home" (2016), "Mother of Mine" (2019), and "The Penthouse: War in Life" ( 2020).

She married actor Lee SangWoo, with who she acted in the 2016 drama "Happy Home".

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1994 - Dinosaur Teacher (Minor Role)

- Daughters of a Rich Family (Minor Role)

1995 - Drama Game "Min-woo vs. Min-woo" (Minor Role)

- Drama Game "Their Summer" (Minor Role)

1996 - Drama Game "Come Back Home" (Minor Role)

- You Can't Stop Mom (Minor Role)

- Reporting for Duty (Minor Role)

- City Men and Women (Minor Role)

- You Can't Stop Mom (Minor Role)

- Open Your Heart (Minor Role)

- Seven Spoons (Minor Role)

1997 - Yesterday (Minor Role)

- Because I Really (Minor Role)

- Guys & Girls (Minor Role)

1998 - Soonpoong Clinic (Minor Role)

- I Love You I Love You (Minor Role)

- Winners (Minor Role)

- Sunday Best "Pickpocket by Name" (Minor Role)

1999 - The Song Of Hope (Minor Role)

- Kwangki (Minor Role)

2000 - All About Eve (Major Role)

- Mothers and Sisters (Major Role)

2002 - Sunshine (Major Role)

- Trio (Major Role)

2004 - New Human Market (Major Role)

2005 - Autumn Shower (Major Role)

2008 - Gourmet (Major Role)

2009 - IRIS (Major Role)

2010 - Prosecutor Princess (Major Role)

- Dr. Champ (Major Role)

2011 - Athena: Goddess of War (Cameo Appearance)

2012 - The Great Seer (Major Role)

2013 - IRIS 2 (Cameo Appearance)

- Two Weeks (Major Role)

2014 - I Need Romance 3 (Major Role)

2015 - Falling for Innocence (Major Role)

- High-end Crush (Cameo Appearance)

2016 - One More Happy Ending (Cameo Appearance)

- Happy Home (Major Role)

2017 - Borg Mom (Cameo Appearance)

- 20th Century Boy and Girl

2018 - Secret Mother (Major Role)

2019 - Mother of Mine (Major Role)

2020 - The Penthouse: War in Life (Major Role)

2021 - The Penthouse: War in Life 2 (Major Role)



1997 - Change (Major Role)

2005 - Seven Swords (Minor Role)

2007 - The Pictures (Major Role)

2010 - IRIS: The Movie (Minor Role)

2012 - Gabi (Major Role)

2013 - IRIS 2: The Movie (Cameo Appearance)


Music Video:

Lee JiHoon - Way is the sky

Jung JaeWook - A Foolish Separation

Sa Joon - Memories

KCM - Classic, Diary day, Heart fluttering


All About Eve




I Need Romance 3


Falling for Innocence


Happy Home


Secret Mother


Mother of Mine


The Penthouse: War in Life 

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