Mun KaYoung Profile: Chic Youthful Actress From "Tempted" To "True Beauty" Profile

Mun Ka Young (문가영)


Discover the profile of Korean actress Moon GaYoung! She is in "True Beauty" (2020) and she previously acted with Cha EunWoo.






Jul 10 1996

Blood Type



169 cm


46 kg


2006 Movie "To Sir with Love"


ENTJ (Commander)


SungKyunKwan University acting and arts major


※ Update: Oct 17, 2021

Mun KaYoung (Moon GaYoung) is a Korean actress.
At the age of 11, she made her debut as an actress in her movie "To Sir with Love" (2006).

She has appeared in many dramas and movies, digesting many of her roles and receiving favorable reviews for her acting such as her vocalizations, pronunciations, and emotional expressions.

Since then, Mun KaYoung has appeared in "Bunt" (2007), "La Dolce Vita" (2008), "Ja Myung Go" (2009), "Bad Guy" (2010), "Who Are You" (2013), "Wang's Family" (2013), "Salut D'Amour" (2015), "Mirror of the Witch" (2016), "The Great Seducer" (2018), "Welcome To Waikiki Season 2" (2019), "Find Me in Your Memory" (2020), and "True Beauty" (2020).

She gained popularity with "The Great Seducer" and "Find Me in Your Memory" but especially gained a lot of overseas fans with the hit drama "True Beauty" based on the worldwide known webtoon.

The actress is said to have been born in Germany, her father is a physicist and her mother a musician. However, her nationality is South Korean. She returned to Korea at the age of 10. Mun KaYoung speaks three languages: Korean, English, and German. She also previously mentioned that she was a feminist.

Let's take a look at her filmography!




2006 - To Sir with Love (Minor Role)

2007 - Black House (Minor Role)

- Bunt (Minor Role)

- Our Town (Minor Role)

- Shadows in the Palace (Minor Role)

2008 - Do You See Seoul? (Minor Role)

2013 - Killer Toon (Minor Role)

2015 - Salut D'Amour (Minor Role)

- Island (Major Role)

2016 - Eclipse (Major Role)

- Twenty Again (Minor Role)



2006 - Fallen Angel, Jenny (Minor Role)

2007 - Cloudy Today (Minor Role)

- Prince Hours (Minor Role)

- By My Side (Minor Role)

- Witch Yoo Hee (Minor Role)

- Merry Mary (Minor Role)

- Hometown Over the Hill (Minor Role)

2008 - La Dolce Vita (Minor Role)

2009 - Ja Myung Go (Minor Role)

- Friend, Our Legend

2010 - The Reputable Family

- Bad Guy (Minor Role)

2011 - Heartstrings (Minor Role)

2013 - Who Are You (Guest Role)

- Wang's Family (Minor Role)

2014 - Mimi (Major Role)

2015 - Delicious Love (Minor Role)

- EXO Next Door (Major Role)

- The Merchant: Gaekju 2015e (Minor Role)

2016 - Mirror of the Witch (Minor Role)

- Jealousy Incarnate (Minor Role)

2017 - Live Up To Your Name (Minor Role)

- Dancing the Waltz Alone (Major Role)

2018 - Tempted (Major Role)

2019 - Welcome To Waikiki Season 2(Major Role)

2020 - Find Me in Your Memory (Major Role)

- True Beauty (Major Role)

2021 - Recipe For Youth (Major Role)

- Link: Eat, Love, Die (Major Role)


Music Video:

Toheart (WooHyun&Key) - Tell Me Why



EXO Next Door


Mirror of the Witch


Jealousy Incarnate




Welcome to Waikiki 2


Find Me in Your Memory


True Beauty

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