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Seo JiHye (서지혜)


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Aug 24 1984

Blood Type



170 cm


2002 in the Music video "Taemu-The Snow Is Falling"


SungKyunKwan University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Seo JiHye is a Korean actress.

The actress made her debut in a music video in 2002 and has since played minor roles and supporting roles in several dramas. She made her face known to the public through "Whispering Corridors 4: Ghost Voice" (2005) and "Shin Don" (2005). Later, she appeared in "Over The Rainbow" (2006), "Kim Soo Ro" (2010), "Punch" (2014), "Jealousy Incarnate" (2016), "Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me" (2017) and "Heart Surgeons" (2018).

Seo JiHye has become a hot topic by playing the role of SeoDan in the hit drama "Crash Landing on You", highlighting her acting and beauty. In 2020, she is working with original Hallyu star Song SeungHeon in the drama "Dinner Mate" that began airing in May.

Let's check out her solid filmography.



2003 - All In (Minor Role)

- Marriage Story "sarangeul somaechigihada"

2004 -  She is Nineteen (Minor Role)

- Into the Storm (Minor Role)

- The Woman Who Wants to Marry (Minor Role)

2005 - Ice Girl (Major Role)

- Shin Don (Major Role)

- MBC Best Theater - Bird... (Cameo Appearance)

2006 - Over The Rainbow (Major Role)

- MBC Best Theater - Who Is Living in That House?

2007 - Legend of Hyang Dan (Major Role)

2008 - I Love You (Major Role)

Chun Ja's Happy Events (Major Role)

2010 - Kim Soo Ro (Major Role)

- Drama Special - Snail Gosiwon (Major Role)

2011 - 49 Days (Major Role)

2012 - I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon (Major Role)

2013 - Drama Festival - Me, Dad, Mom, Grandma and Anna (Major Role)

2014 - Noble Woman (Major Role)

- Punch (Minor Role)

2016 - Yeah, That's How It Is (Minor Role)

- Jealousy Incarnate (Minor Role)

2017 - Whisper (Cameo Appearance)

- Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (Major Role)

2018 - Heart Surgeons (Major Role)

2019 - Crash Landing on You (Major Role)

2020 - Dinner Mate (Major Role)



2005 - Whispering Corridors 4: Ghost Voice (Major Role)

2007 - The Maria, The Salesman (Major Role)

2010 - Standing Sleeping Tree (Major Role)

2011 - Suicide Forecast (Minor Role)

2018 - Rampant (Cameo Appearance)


Music Video:

Taemu's "The Snow Is Falling"

Taemu's "Stars"

Eunhuul's "You'll Want To Grab It"

Fly to the Sky's "I Love You"

Park SangMin's "The Day I Miss You"


Shin Don


Whispering Corridors 4: Ghost Voice


Over The Rainbow


Kim Soo Ro




Yeah, That's How It Is


Jealousy Incarnate


Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me


Heart Surgeons


Crash Landing on You


Dinner Mate

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