Here's How To Cover Your Blemishes, Pores, And Dark Spots All The While Nourishing
Your Skin With One Simple Step

I've always had my makeup desk overflowing with all different kinds of primer, foundation, concealer, and powder all to cover my blemishes, erase my pores, brighten my dark spots, and protect my skin. There was a product used for each one of my skin problems. But ever wonder if there's just a quick and easy step to solve all of this without having to build up a foundation for 30 minutes?
Well, here's an answer that I recently discovered by Calli's Touch For M Collagen Cushion! This beautiful cushion is a one-step cover process that will conceal, brighten, evenly tone and nourish your skin all at once. Did I mention just how stunning this light pick packaging is? It's to die for!

But the best part is inside, of course! Once you open it up, you'll find a blend of different colors: green, pink, yellow, and beige. The green evens out your skin texture with collagen, the pink brightens for a glowing finish, the yellow erases your pores and dark spots, while the beige evens out your skin tone for the perfect base.

And the best part is that these ingredients are safe and gentle on the skin! The natural ingredients consists of red ginseng and marine collagen, carrots, acacia, natto, and collagen from starfish. These ingredients all work gently yet powerfully to firm, brighten, and cover your skin

Take the cushion puff found to dab a good amount of the foundation. Then lightly tab away all around your face to watch the four ingredients naturally mix with each other to create the perfect finish! Use the angular end of the cushion to get into the hard to reach nooks and crannies on your face.

Just take a look at the difference! The side that was treated with Calli's Touch For M Collagen Cushion looks so much more radiant, moisturized and healthy!

If you're struggling with trouble skin, make sure to check out Calli's Touch For M Collagen Cushion that will surely become your quick and easy one-step process to a glowing foundation!