Jung HoWonJung HoWon (정호원)

BirthdateOct 27 1992
Blood TypeA
Height173 cm
Weight53 kg
Position Vocal

    – He was born in Chile.
    – His Spanish name is Juan.
    – He was born and raised in Chile for 19 years due to his fathers work.
    – Even though Howon was born in Chile, throughout his 19 yrs of living in latin america he also lived in Venezuela and Peru.
    – He moved back to Korea for college.
    – He’s already served his military service.
    – He can speak English, Spanish, and basic Korean.
    – His favorite artists are Baek Yerin, Stevie Wonder, and Moon Myungjin.
    – Howon’s Ideal Type: Is a girl who is really outgoing and extroverted. He says this is due to his years of living in latin america where the girls are much more extroverted than in Korea.

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