Before "lovely" became quite common adjective to describe girls and ladies in TV programs, Park BoYoung, a Korean actress, was the first to be considered lovely among young actresses. 

It's quite hard to find anti-fan of Park BoYoung. Aside from her loveliest, cutest, puppyish playful look, she is famous for having a sound mind and body. She is always careful of her actions and thinks before she says anything. She always seems grateful for what was given to her and works hardest. Though she's got great filmography, she is modest of her work and improves her acting skills whenever she works a new piece. No one can NOT fall in love with her and no one can NOT just look at her once and forget about her. She's got such pure yet strong aura and she always make sure to deliver her characters straight and clear. 

Now, we might wonder, who would this hard working, healthy-minded actress fancy? Let's find out!


Park BoYoung's Ideal Type Compilation

Park BoYoung: I would like to meet someone with healthy mind. I don't think appearance matters so much to me and that's why I don't really fall in love at first sight. I need to take time to get to know the person. Also, someone whom I can talk to easily is admirable. Being able to have conversation without trying so hard is crucial for me. Someone with warm, mild energy would be better for me rather than those with strong vibe. 

Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Park BoYoung


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