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Kim WooBin (Kim HyunJung / 김현중)


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Jul 16 1989

Blood Type



188 cm


Model - S/S Seoul Collection In 2008
Actor -  2011 in the KBS Drama Special "White Christmas"


Jeonju University, Department of performance entertainment


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Kim WooBin is a South Korean model and actor.

He first debuted as a model in 2008. His real name is Kim HyunJoong, but he is using the stage name Kim WooBin to avoid confusion with an idol of the same name.

He made his acting debut in 2011 by starring in the KBS drama "White Christmas". After that, he began to secure a dutiful fandom by starring in dramas "Vampire Idol" with Lee SooHyuk and Hong JongHyun, "A Gentleman's Dignity", "To the Beautiful You", and "School 2013". He made his movie debut in the film "Friend: The Great Legacy" following the success of the drama "School 2013".

In 2013, he starred in the popular Korean drama "The Heirs" which led to his popularity and his cast as the MC of "M Countdown". At this time, he became an issue because of his wide shoulders and height of 188cm.

And he expands his acting spectrum as an actor by playing various roles in the films "The Con Artists"(2014), "Twenty"(2015), "Master"(2016), and the drama "Uncontrollably Fond".

In 2017, however, it was reported that he was diagnosed with non-pharyngeal cancer and was battling the disease while reviewing his next work. Fortunately, it was reported that the treatment was not too late, so he was doing both medication and radiation therapy. In December that year, he said that he will need some time before greeting fans again after completing three chemotherapy and 35 radiation treatments.

Two years later, in November 2019, he officially returned to the stage as a presenter at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards. He is scheduled to star in the film "Alien"(2020), which began shooting in March 2020, about four years after the film "Master".

Also, Kim WooBin has been dating actress Shin MinA since 2015. Recently, their dating photos were released, and Kim WooBin sent a coffee truck to Shin MinA's drama set showing that they are a happy couple that overcame these health issues.

Let's check out Kim WooBin's filmography below!



2011 - Drama Special Series Season 1: White Christmas (Major Role)

- Drama Special Season 2: Cupid Factory (Major Role)

- Vampire Idol (Major Role)

2012 - A Gentleman's Dignity (Minor Role)

- To The Beautiful You (Cameo appearance)

- School 2013 (Major Role)

2013 - The Heirs (Major Role)

2014 - Love Cells  (Cameo appearance)

- We Are Young (Major Role)

2016 - Uncontrollably Fond (Major Role)



2012 - Runway Cop  (Cameo appearance)

2013 - Friend 2 (Major Role)

2014 - The Con Artists (Major Role)

2015 - Twenty (Major Role)

2016 - Master (Major Role)

2020 - Wiretap (Major Role)

- Alien (Major Role)


Music Video:

DARA's Kiss

2EYES's Don't mess with me

 Roh YoungSim's Koinonia

Sweet Sorrow - Twenty(Feat. Kim WooBin)

Kim WooBin's Picture In My Head



Vampire Idol


A Gentleman's Dignity


To The Beautiful You 


School 2013


The Heir


Uncontrollably Fond

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