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DooJoon (Yoon DooJoon / 윤두준)




Jul 04 1989

Blood Type



178 cm


67 kg


Singer - 2009 as a member of Beast with "Beast Is The B2ST"
Actor - 2010 in the MBC drama "More Charming By The Day"


ISFP (Adventurer)


playing soccer


Dongshin University


Leader Rap Visual Vocal

Military Service Period

Aug 24, 2018 ~ Mar 14, 2020


※ Update: Sep 8, 2021

Yoon DuJoon (Yoon DooJoon) is an actor. But he is also a former member of K-Pop group BEAST  and current member of Highlight . He built a solid acting career after debuting as an idol.

Yoon DuJoon made his debut as an idol in the worldwide popular group BEAST in 2009. He has been well known to the public since his debut in entertainment shows.

In addition to his singing career, he had quite a lot of activities, being an MC and a radio DJ.

His first step in his acting career was when he appeared as a cameo in the drama "More Charming By The Day"(2010).

After it, he has appeared in "All My Love" (2010), "I Live in Cheondam-dong" (2011), and "IRIS 2" (2013).

This is in 2013, that he got his first lead role in the tvN drama "Let's Eat", drawing a good response by performing natural acting and eating shows. The drama continued into "Let's Eat seasons 2"  (2015) and "Let's Eat seasons 3"  (2017).

Since then, he has appeared in popular dramas overseas "Splash Splash Love" (2015) and "Radio Romance" (2018).

In 2017, BEAST was unable to maintain its team name due to trademark problems with the group former agency (Cube Entertainment), and it was announced that the group will continue working under the group name Highlight.

Yoon DuJoon enlisted on active duty in 2018. He was originally scheduled to be discharged from the military on April 10, 2020, but was discharged early on March 14 in the aftermath of COVID-19.

However, since he was considered as a soldier until April 10, he did not have much activity and hosted his first V-Live after he was officially discharged from the military on April 10. You can watch his V-Live here.

Let's check out Yoon DuJoon's filmography below.


Drama :

2010 – More Charming By The Day (Cameo Appearance)

- All My Love (Minor Role)

2011 - A Thousand Kisses (Cameo Appearance)

- I Live in Cheongdam-dong (Cameo Appearance)

2013 - IRIS 2 (Minor Role)

- Let's Eat (Major Role)

2015 - Let's Eat 2 (Major Role)

- Splash Splash Love (Major Role)

2016 - Bring It On, Ghost (Cameo Appearance)

2017 - Because This is My First Life (Cameo Appearance)

2018 - Radio Romance (Major Role)

- Let's Eat 3 (Major Role)



2012 - Marrying the Mafia V (Minor Role)


More Charming By The Day


All My Love


A Thousand Kisses




Let's Eat


Let's Eat 2


Radio Romance


Let's Eat 3

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