PlayM Entertainment

PlayM Entertainment will be launching their new rookie band.

On Mar. 19, it was revealed that they had signed an exclusive contract with Lee ChanSol, Kang KyungYoon, Shin HyunBin. Together with the 3, trainee Im HyeongBin will also be part of the lineup for their upcoming new band, Bandage.

Previously, Im HyeongBin had made an appearance on JTBC "Super Band". On the show, he was in the same team with Lee ChanSol and Kang KyeongYoon called 'Purple On The Bridge'. Thanks to the opportunity, they had newly recruited guitarist, Shin HyunBin to form Bandage.

PlayM Entertainment To Launch Their Own Band, Bandage, Including Trainee Im HyeongBin

PlayM Entertainment

According to the news report, PlayM Entertainment will be in charged of  the planning, production and marketing and Enter House will be in charged of the management for the band.

For more information, Bandage comes from the words 'Band' and 'Windage'. They hope that they will be able to become the band who will be able to give influence.

Member Lee ChanSol had also participated in the OST for OCN "The Lies Within", JTBC "Itaewon Class" and so on.

Are you looking forward to Bandage?


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