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SBS "Gayo Daejeon" took place on Dec. 25 and despite how it was supposed to be a happy day for many K-Pop idols and fans, it did not really turn out to be one. The reason behind is the fact that there were many K-Pop idols who had or almost had gotten injured due to the stage and slippery floor.

Kpopmap had compiled some of the incidents and you can take a look for yourself below.


#1 Red Velvet's Wendy

You might have already heard the news about Wendy as it was reported that she had fell over a height of 2m during rehearsal for the show. SM Entertainment had released a statement saying that she is suffering from wrist, hip fracture as well as facial injuries.

 7 Incidents That Had Caused K-Pop Fans To Worry For Their Idols On SBS "Gayo Daejeon" 2019

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Later, SBS had released an apology towards Red Velvet's fans and the viewers that Red Velvet would not be able to perform due to the incident and promised to pay more attention towards safety in the future.

We hope for a speedy recovery for Wendy!


#2 MAMAMOO's Solar

During the red carpet, Solar had allegedly fell due to the stairs which were not properly marked and were hard to identify. Her scream could be clearly heard during the broadcast of the red carpet session.

The rest of the members as well as the MCs could be seen rushing to check if she was alright.


#3 NCT

NCTzen was worried about TaeYong when they saw how he was almost unable to get his footing when he was executing a dance move on stage. You can take a look through a fancam uploaded online below.

Other members such as YuTa and JaeHyun were also identified having a hard time performing due to the slippery stage.


#4 BTS

During BTS's performance, ARMY noticed that the floor indeed was slippery and member Jin almost fell and tripped while performing.



ITZY's leader, YeJi was also seen struggling with the slippery floor which had caused many to hold their breath when they saw her almost slipping.



MONSTA X's I.M were also noted to have almost slipped on the main stage due to the floor.

Member MinHyuk was also having a hard time balancing even while standing after the end of their performance.


#7 Stray Kids

Member Lee Know almost slipped on stage too while performing and many could clearly see that he had done a good job in recovering from the slippery moment.

Hopefully there will no such incidents and every artists performing will be given the fair opportunity to perform in a safe environment.


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not to be that bitch
not to be that bitch
Dec 28, 2019 08:55 am

honestly, SBS needs to get it together. the fact that all of this happened in one night is ridiculous.