"Lonely Enough To Love" is a romantic comedy.

Ji HyunWoo ("Queen and I", "Wanted", "Bad Thief, Good Thief", "Risky Romance") and Kim SoEun ("Boys Over Flowers", "Horse Doctor", "The Scholar Who Walks The Night", "Our GapSoon") are the lead actors.

Noh JiHoon and B1A4's GongChan have a supporting role.

The drama is airing once a week every Tuesday.

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Lonely Enough To Love (2020)

"Lonely Enough To Love" (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary




Title: Lonely Enough To Love / Can’t Be Bothered To Date, But Don’t Want To Be Lonely! / Yeonaeneun gwichanhjiman oeroun geon silheo / 연애는 귀찮지만 외로운 건 싫어

Director: Lee HyunJoo

Writer: Jo JinKook

Network: MBC

Runtime: From August 11

# of Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Language: Korean



It is the romantic drama of young people (20-30s) living together in a co-living house who would like to date but feel burdened by a serious relationship and who want to enjoy freedom but don't want to be lonely.



"Lonely Enough To Love" (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary


Ji HyunWoo as Cha KyungWoo

A charming psychiatrist with a warm appearance and a unique personality.


"Lonely Enough To Love" (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary


Kim SoEun as Lee NaEun

Her last relationship was 4 years ago and after that, she decided to not date. She is a freelance copy editor.


Interesting Facts

Here is the first teaser.

Here is the official poster.

"Lonely Enough To Love" (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary



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Aug 22, 2020 11:40 pm

I hope everyone sees this. This drama have such a good plot and I literally hurt my stomach laughing while watching this. This drama is funny and romantic in it's own way people may or may not like it but I love it.