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Jung YuMi (정유미)


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Jan 18 1983

Blood Type



163 cm


2003 in the Movie "Tell Her I Love Her"


Seoul Institute of the Arts


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Jung YuMi is a Korean actress.

She made her debut in the short film "Tell Her I Love Her" in 2003. In 2005, she appeared in the movie "Sarangni: Blossom Again", showing great acting skills and winning all the rookie awards from various ceremonies. In 2006, the actress appeared in "Family Ties" and began to be in the limelight and won the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

Since then, she has shown impressive acting skills in several films, including "Que Sera Sera" (2007), "A Million" (2009), "My Dear Desperado" (2010), "Silenced" (2011), "I Need Romance 2012" (2012), "Finding True Love" (2014), "Train to Busan" (2016), "Live" (2018) and "KIM JiYoung: Born 1982" (2019). She will star in the movie "Wonderland", which is currently being filmed with Park BoGum, Suzy, Choi WooShik, Tan Wei, and Gong Yoo.

Jung YuMi showed her strength in a Korean romance drama. In particular, she gained the sympathy of young people in their 20s and 30s through "I Need Romance 2012" and "Finding True Love", and was nicknamed "Yun-Vely" for her cute and lovely appearance. "Yum-Vely" is a compound word between Jung YuMi's "Yum" and Lovely's "vely".

What's interesting is that there is another actress of the same name. Stay tuned for the profile of Jung YuMi born in 1984. Koreans are often confused with these two actresses.

Let's check out her filmography!



2003 - Tell Her I Love Her (Minor Role)

2004 - How To Operate A Polaroid Camera (Major Role)

2005 - A Bittersweet Life (Minor Role)

- Sarangni: Blossom Again (Minor Role)

2006 -Family Ties (Major Role)

- 9:05 (Major Role)

2007 - Shim's Family (Minor Role)

- A Puppy, Our Family (Major Role)

2008 - Lovers (Major Role)

- If You Were Me 4 (Major Role)

2009 - The Room Nearby (Major Role)

- Oishi Man (Major Role)

 - Chaw (Major Role)

- A Million (Major Role)

- Like You Know It All (Minor Role)

- Good Morning President (Cameo Appearance)

- Visitors (Major Role)

- Lost in the Mountains

2010 - My Dear Desperado (Major Role)

- Oki's movie (Major Role)

- Come, Closer (Major Role)

- Cafe noir (Major Role)

2011 - Silenced (Major Role)

- List (Major Role)

2012 - In another country (Minor Role)

- The Winter Pianist (Major Role)

2013 - Our Sunhi (Major Role)

- Tough As Iron (Minor Role)

2014 - The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (Major Role)

- Manhole (Major Role)

2015 - The Himalayas (Cameo Appearance)

2016 - Train to Busan (Major Role)

2017 - Ladies of the Forest (Major Role)

- The Table (Major Role)

2018 - Psychokinesis (Minor Role)

2019 - KIM JiYoung: Born 1982 (Major Role)

2021 - Wonderland (Major Role)



2007 - Que Sera Sera (Major Role)

2010 - Drama Special-The Great Gye chunbin (Major Role)

2012 - I Need Romance 2012 (Major Role)

2013 - God of the Workplace (Major Role)

- Dating Agency: Cyrano (Cameo Appearance)

- Reply 1994 (Cameo Appearance)

2014 - Finding True Love (Major Role)

2016 - This Week My Wife is Having an Affair (Cameo Appearance)

2017 - Lady with Class (Cameo Appearance)

2018 - Live (Major Role)

- What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (Cameo Appearance)

2020 - Health teacher 'An EunYeong' (Major Role)


Music Drama:

Supreme Team - Back Then

Zion.T - Zero Gravity

Sung SiKyung - Holding On To You


Que Sera Sera


My Dear Desperado


I Need Romance 2012


Finding True Love


 This Week My Wife is Having an Affair


The Table




What's Wrong with Secretary Kim


KIM JiYoung: Born 1982

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