Song GeonHee Profile: Rising Actor From "SKY Castle" To "Missing: The Other Side" Profile

Song GeonHee (송건희)


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Aug 16 1997

Blood Type



178 cm


62 kg


2017 in the Web Drama "Flat"


ENFJ (Protagonist)


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Song GeonHee is a Korean rising actor.

He made his debut in 2017 in the web drama "Flat". After that, he appeared in many short films, and his TV debut was "My ID is Gangnam Beauty" (2018), a popular Korean drama.

Later, the actor appeared in dramas such as "SKY Castle" (2018), "Love Alarm" (2019), "Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude To All Legends" (2019), and "The Tale of Nokdu" (2019). Most of the dramas he appeared in were popular, and the drama "SKY Castle" was a hit with ratings reaching more than 24 percent (very high for a cable drama). This drama attracted public attention. He is actually very close to actor Kim DongHee who also appeared in the drama. They are called the "Hee-hee brothers" which and occasionally include SF9's Chani . Song GeonHee will then appear in the OCN drama "Missing: The Other Side" to be broadcast in August 2020.

Let's take a look at the filmography of actor Song GeonHee.




2017 - Plat (Major Role)

2018 - Hello, Stranger (Minor Role)

- Not Alright, But It's Alright (Major Role)

- My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Cameo Appearance)

- Replaylist (Major Role)

- SKY Castle (Minor Role)

2019 - The Fiery Priest (Minor Role)

- Birthday Letter (Major Role)

- At Eighteen (Cameo Appearance)

- Love Alarm (Cameo Appearance)

- Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude To All Legends (Cameo Appearance)

- The Tale of Nokdu (Minor Role)

2020 - Mystic Pop-Up Bar (Minor Role)

- Missing: The Other Side (Major Role)



2016 - raipeuijeueopeojeul (Literal translation: Life is a Puzzle)

- ipsuri daheulttaekkaji (Literal translation: Until the Lips Touch)

- botongui gamjeong (Literal translation: Ordinary Feeling)

2017 - geunyang gamanhi issge haejwoyo (Literal translation: Just let me stay still)

- April 28

- mudeowi (Literal translation: Hot Weather)

2018 - The Boys

- kkeureodanggimui beopchik (Literal translation: law of attraction)


botongui gamjeong (Literal translation: Ordinary Feeling)


mudeowi (Literal translation: Hot Weather)




Not Alright, But It's Alright


SKY Castle


Birthday Letter


Moment at Eighteen


Mystic Pop-Up Bar

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