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IUis one of the best solo K-Pop artists and many idols also looked up to her as a role model. Over the years, she had released catchy and soothing songs, mostly making it into the public's playlists.

Recently on online communities, many have been talking about her collection of mics. They were also amazed by how colourful and sparkly some of them are.

It was said that IU likes to customise her mic and currently, she has a total of 12 different mics.

Check Out The 12 Gorgeous Custom Mics Of IU Over The Years


The most recent one would be one at the bottom right which is said to be a present from jewelry brand 'J.ESTINA' where IU is currently the model.

If you are curious to visit the official website of 'J.ESTINA', you can do so here.

Netizens and fans who had seen the mic were amazed by how beautiful they are and could not wait to see her use them again. Some also pointed out that thanks to the glitter and sparkle of her mic, she looked like a princess.

Are you amazed by her collection of custom mic too?



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