Girl Group Rookies With Bright Future Ahead: BVNDIT and GWSN



Girl Group Rookies With Bright Future Ahead: BVNDIT and GWSN

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ChungHa’s sister group, BVNDIT debuts!

MNH Entertainment where ChungHa   is signed with, produced a new 5 membered girl group called, BVNDIT .

MNH Entertainment


Being recommended by others, I had listened to their debut song, ‘Hocus Pocus’ and I’d say it is really appealing.

The song starts off quietly and gradually builds up and develops into a fast tempo song. The composition has a rather unique structure and melody that it was hard for me to think of a similar K-Pop song for comparison.

The song may not have a big hook or a chorus but it didn’t felt mundane and gave a smooth steady vibe from start to end.

​Especially, the strong instrumental arrangement that appears time to time within the song hooks you right into the song and a drastic change that calms the music in the second half gave me goosebumps.

​Overall, in my opinion, the song is very well produced for a freshly debuted girl group.

BVNDIT quiz, kpop quiz

BVNDIT Official


Moreover, their stage performance is well executed and organized.

There are somewhat of a rookie awkwardness but they are competent when it comes to expressions while on stage.

SiMyeong notably appeared very naturally on stage and her dancing plus her facial expression was charismatic.

JeongWoo seemed adorable and I liked her facial expression as well.

Individual members all have their own charm and color but also have a sense of unity as a group. I’d say they are strong for a rookie group and will be better as they grow.

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​BVNDIT is a group that you want to see more than once and I look forward to their upcoming future!

GWSN recently came back to their fans with a new song, ‘Pinky Star’

GWSN Official Facebook

GWSN , also known for having a former “Produce 101” participator, SeoKyoung as the member in the group, have made a strong impression to the public as a rookie last year when they made their debut.

​Similar to their debut song, “Pinky Star” has a fantasy-esque theme that contains a mysterious and dream-like universe called, “Park in the Night”.

Since GWSN has ‘Gongwon(Park)’ in their group name, they have an on-going three-part “Park” series which is planned for the first three albums. This solid concept gives them a consistent identity to the group which can be an advantage since most of the rookie groups experiment with various concepts during their early career. ​

GWSN Official Twitter

GWSN’s unique concept gives them a competitive edge amongst others. ‘Pinky Star’ is a song that is strongly inspired by their concept.

Poppy melody and their dream-like concept are well harmonized and the member’s vocals and choreography are well performed. It seems that they finally have solidified their concept on their second album as all the members have adapted that dream-like concept seamlessly.

GWSN Official Facebook

Next album will be their final series of the three-part “Park” theme and I guess the result of the final album will become an indicator of how well they will do for the rest of the year.


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I’m really looking forward to Bvndit but not so sure about their song. I wish they had a bit better song. I’ve already taken to a liking with Songhee Simyeong and Seungeun. Hoping for a bright future for them!


Sure, they are good but here’s what they are up against:
Rookies 2018/19: IZ*one, (G)I-dle, Everglow, Fromis 9, ITZY, Loona
Established: Red Velvet, Twice, BlackPink, Gfriend, Mamamoo, BOL4, Momoland, Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, WJSN, Dreamcatcher, Apink, EXID
Others: CLC, WekiMeki, Gugudan, Cherry Bullet, DIA….

The standard is so high now that its tough to even break into the Top-20.


I hope both of them succeed!