Goodbye 2018 series goes on. This time we are looking at the hottest Facebook posts of Kpopmap. If you didn't follow us yet on Facebook, you can by going here. Facebook is a hot place for K-Pop and K-Dramas fans and this year there have been many popular Facebook posts.

Data is retrieved based on the number of interactions. Here are the 10 hottest Facebook posts of Kpopmap in the first half of 2018 and 10 in the second half.


First Half Of 2018

1- Top 3 Best & Worst K-Pop Comebacks & Debut In March 2018 - April 2nd

2- “100 Days My Prince” (2018 Drama): Cast & Summary - March 30th

3- "‘Like Photoshopped’ #RedVelvet #Irene Next to #KimJongUn... Pyeongyang artists group picture” - April 3rd

4- BTOB’s Peniel Severe Hair Loss Ended - April 2nd

5- f(x) Manager Teasingly Protects NCT’s Ten On Luna’s Instagram - April 9th

6-  What The North Korean People Really Thought About Red Velvet’s Performance - April 7th

7- K-Pop Girl Group GFriend Members Receive Death Threat From Japan - March 29th

8- K-Pop Idols & Celebrities That Deserve Their Own Font For Having The Best Handwriting - April 4th

9- 5 K-Pop MVs That Touched On LGBT - April 11th

10- Check Out Which K-Pop Groups Are On Billboard Social 50 Chart - April 13th


Second Half Of 2018

1- “Dancing High” Hypes Up First Episode With BTS, Familiar Face From “The Unit” - September 7th

2-  Youngest Male Idols In SM, JYP And YG Entertainment - September 6th

3- QUIZ: Which Entertainment Company Will Take You In As A Trainee? - August 30th

4-  Netizens Disgusted By SM, JYP, YG, FNC, And Jelly Fish, Claims They Are Taking Advantage Of BTS - September 7th

5-  Momoland Receives Backlash For Disrespecting TWICE And BTS? - November 14th

6- Fans Shocked By How Much BLACKPINK Rose’s Sister Looks Like JiSoo - November 10th

7- BLACKPINK Concert Had Awkward Vibes? Korean Journalist Says So - November 15th

8- The Reason Why BTS Didn’t Sound As Great As They Normally Do During MGA 2018 - November 9th

9- THE BOYZ’s YoungHoon Gets Starstruck When He Sees BTS’s V In Real Life - November 30th

10- SEVENTEEN’s JeongHan Beauty Shines In The Middle Of Lee ByungHun And Ha JungWoo At AAA - December 7th


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