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Ahn HyoSeop & Song Kang seem like they are friends.

With the recent popularity of Ahn HyoSeop with "Dr. Romantic 2", netizens have been digging out information about the actor. They found out an old conversation he had with Song Kang on Instagram.

At the end of 2018, Ahn HyoSeop commented on Song Kang's picture on Instagram. Here is the translation of their interaction:

Ahn HyoSeop: Hyung, how are you doing?

Song Kang: I am doing well hahaha. What about you HyoSeop?

Ahn HyoSeop: I miss you. Let's meet soon.

Song Kang: Good good.

Netizens Found Out Ahn HyoSeop & Song Kang Past Friendly Talks On Instagram

Song Kang's Instagram Screenshot

Netizens then got to know about the two actors' friendship. There is not much information on how they know each other and many are curious about their friendship.

Are you surprised too?


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