Too Faced Korea

Have you heard of the cosmetic brand 'Too Faced'? It is a cosmetic brand from the U.S. and it was just announced that OH MY GIRL's YooA has recently become the muse in Korea for 'Too Faced Korea'.

Just a day ago, the brand had hinted that they will be revealing a new muse and many fans could already guess who it was through their hashtag.

On Sept. 21, they had shared through their official Instagram that YooA is their muse!

YooA will be endorsing the brand as part of their "Born Like This" campaign.

According to the representatives of the brand, they shared that YooA has a cute doll-like image with extraordinary dance skills. Her lovely personality and charismatic sides are similar to what they are looking for and hence, decided to choose YooA as their muse.

Thanks to YooA's abilities to pull through the various styles, many could expect to see even more diverse concepts of YooA from 'Too Faced Korea'.

OH MY GIRL's YooA Is The Latest Muse For 'Too Faced Korea'

Too Faced Korea

Not long ago, YooA had received her first win after her solo debut with 'Bon Voyage' on "The Show".


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