5 K-Pop Idols From The Same Island: Jeju Island

Jeju island is famous for its beautiful nature. But nowadays, this island became hot for stars who lived there.

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For Jeju island’s beatiful and gorgeous nature, recently lots of stars are moving to Jeju island to spend the rest of lives. However, here are several idols who originally lived in Jeju island. Netizens are calling them as ‘Jeju girls or Jeju boys’. People tent to think of country side image like naive or somewhat dowdy things, but idols from Jeju are too attractive and hot to believe that they had lived in country side. Let’s check who came from Jeju Island below!


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1. SoYou 

SoYou was born in Jeju island and grew up till she became 9.  She often talked about her kid stories in Jeju on TV shows.

SoYou, SISTAR, 2017 SoYou, Jeju idols

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2. Kang Mina of Gugudan

Since she was 8, she moved to Jeju island and lived there. After debut in” Produce 101 season 1“, she always has showed off her cute Jeju province dialect.

Kang Mina, 2017 Kang Mina, jeju idols

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3. Kim JinHwan of iKON

Kim JinHwan of iKON is one of idols from Jeju island. He also visited his house in Jeju with iKON’S members in TV show.

JinHwan, iKON, 2017 JinHwan, jeju idols

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4. Joo HakNyeonProduce 101 season 2

Joo HakNyeon officially don’t debut yet, he is struggling in “Produce 101 season 2” in order to debut as final 11 members. When he introduced himself, he present him as a Jeju sonyeon(which means little boy).

2017 Joo HakNyeon, Joo HakNyeon, produce 101 season 2




5. SeungKwan of SEVENTEEN

SeungKwan’s last name ‘Boo’ is the one whose family clan originated from Jeju island. Also, he has shown passionate love for Jeju, his hometown, on lots of TV programs.

SeungKwan, SEVENTEEN, 2017 SEVENTEEN, Jeju idols

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Fans Help Create A Forest In Jeju Island to Celebrate G-Dragon’s Birthday

Have you ever been to Jeju Island? Are you a big fan of G-Dragon? Then you should go the ‘Kwon Ji Yong Forest’!

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G-Dragon is regarded as a skilled producer, and has worked on other singers’ albums as well as most of BIGBANG’s hit songs. Besides music, he’s a world renowned name in the fashion industry, modeling industry, entertainment industry and more. For such a talented being, don’t you think an entire forest should be named after him?

Jeju Island, GD, Gdragon, BIGBANG, BIGBANG 2017


BIGBANG, GD, GDragon, Charity, BIGBANG 2017



According to the letter from ‘Always-GD’ – a G-Dragon fan site, the goal of this project was to aim to keep our nature beautiful in the name of G-Dragon, and to keep him forever in our hearts. They also hope that many will visit and support their project.


The Seogwipo Citrus Museum, which is located in Jeju Island, held a grand opening event for ‘Kwon Ji Yong Forest No. 1.’ on May 14. As you know, ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ is G-Dragon’s Korean name. One of G-Dragon’s many loyal fan sites, Always-GD, has helped crowdfund this project to celebrate the artists’ birthday.

In the museum forest, there are 50 trees that will be cared for by the museum. The Tree Company will be donating all of benefits to charity, while some of citrus will be used for a citrus picking experience for tourist.


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V of BTS Took a Sweet Trip in Jeju Island with His Beloved One

V of BTS has posted some photos on his Twitter  which looked like as if he was on a honeymoon.

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BTS, V of BTS, V Jeju Island, V Best Friend, Park BoGum, V and BoGum

BTS Official Twitter

He looked happy and relaxed in the photos, and the beloved one next to him was Park BoGum, a famous young actor. 

Two boys are well known to be best friends and they are often caught spending  time together in places such as amusement parks as well as in concerts such as BIGBANG 10 THE CONCERT: 0.TO.10 FINAL IN SEOUL.

Recently, BTS has successfully finished their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR in South and North America and they were given a vacation.

V, as usual, decided to spend the vacation with his best friend BoGum in Jeju island.  They seemed to have spent a sweet and relaxing time together, almost sweet as honeymoons.

Fans love seeing them getting along well and caring for each other.

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