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Being a new K-Pop fan can be tough sometimes as there are just so many contents to catch up and things to know. If you have just started your journey as a K-Pop fan, we would first of all welcome you into the community.

Sometimes many don't understand why people like K-Pop especially because of how we don't understand the Korean language. However, since music is universal, it does not mean that we can't enjoy music if we don't get the language. Previously, Kpopmap had introduced 3 different encouraging phrases for you to say to your favorite K-Pop idols.

Today, we will be introducing to you 3 different phrases for you to share to your idols after watching a really cool and jaw-dropping performance. You can leave them on their personal social media accounts or even used them when you write them letters on their official fancafe.


#1 (Name) totally tore the stage today (__ 완전 무대를 찢어버렸어요)

'To tear the stage' is a frequently used term these days among many K-Pop fans and especially when the stage is powerful and jaw-dropping.

 3 Korean Phrases To Say To Your K-Pop Idol After Seeing An Impressive Performance

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For many idols, they love to hear this term as it suggested that they had made an impression on their fans and many others. It also gives them the assurance that their hard work was well received too!


#2 I almost cried seeing your performance (무대를 보고 울뻔했어요)

It is possible for fans to cry their hearts out after seeing an emotional performance by the favorite group.

 3 Korean Phrases To Say To Your K-Pop Idol After Seeing An Impressive Performance

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There could be many reasons behind the crying trigger but most of the time, fans tend to use such phrases to show how much they love the stage that it had touched their heart. In this case, crying is not necessary a bad thing but rather a way to express that the idols had done a really good job.


#3 There is nothing that (name) cannot do! (우리 __ 못하는거 없구나!)

Do you notice how some idols are just good at everything? Singing, dancing, rapping, acting, producing songs and so on!

 3 Korean Phrases To Say To Your K-Pop Idol After Seeing An Impressive Performance

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Sometimes after watching a certain performance, fans are overwhelmed by respect for their idols as they seemed to be able to handle everything given to them. At that time, it is appropriate to use such term to compliment the idols!

Aside from telling them how much you love them or how cool they are, you can try out these Korean phrases too!



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