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When it comes to becoming a singer, it is never easy as there are many different elements that contribute to the success of one singer. In Korea, there are many people who can sing well but yet do not have the opportunity to shine.

However, thanks to music shows such as Mnet “I Can See Your Voice” or SBS “Fantastic Duo” and more, chances are given to those who can and love to sing.

Let’s find out which 3 singers have debuted after appearing on such programs.


#1 Ko SeungHyung  – “I Can See Your Voice”

 3 Noticeable Singers That Debuted Through Music Programs In Korea


Is it possible to have everything? It seems like Ko SeungHyung everything to become the perfect singer- the looks, the height and definitely the voice. Some might remember him from Mnet “I Can See Your Voice” Season 1 as he had impressed the audience present during the show. It was also reported that he will be debuting solo on Mar. 28. Make sure to check him out when he releases his debut single album!


#2 Kim YoonHee– “Fantastic Duo”

 3 Noticeable Singers That Debuted Through Music Programs In Korea

Kim YoonHee Official Twitter

If you had watched SBS “K-Pop Star” Season 6 or the Season 1 of SBS “Fantastic Duo”, you would definitely remember Kim YoonHee on the shows. Back then, she had a duet with singer Kim MoonSe and managed to impress the audience with extremely high scores. Born in 2002, she was only a middle school student when she appeared on the show and after 3 years, Kim YoonHee had finally debuted on Mar. 12 with her tracks ‘Rain Drop’ and ‘First Time’ (direct translation).


#3 Yukika– “Mixnine”

 3 Noticeable Singers That Debuted Through Music Programs In Korea

Yukika Official

Although Yukika did not exactly come from a music program, we believe she is still worth being mentioned. If you remember, Yukika appeared previously on JTBC “Mixnine”. Thanks to her sweet looking appearance and bubbly personality, she had debuted as a solo artist with her debut track ‘Neon’. Fans are loving her retro fashion during her live performances and hope to see even more activities from her in the future.


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