5 K-Pop Female Idols Who Are Even Prettier With Their Bare Face

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5 K-Pop Female Idols Who Are Even Prettier With Their Bare Face

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Earlier this year, Kpopmap has listed 4 different Korean female celebrities who looked gorgeous without makeup and this time we listed 5 more new female idols.

Most of the time K-Pop fans see their favorite idols wearing full makeup on stage and barely have the chance to see them bare face. This is a shame as fans noticed that many female K-Pop idols actually look gorgeous even without putting on makeup.

Let’s check out who they are!


#1 OH!GG ‘s TaeYeon

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There is no way to not know who TaeYeon is as she is one of the legendary K-Pop idols. Aside from that, fans noticed that back in autumn 2018, she was seen standing in front of a tree while wearing glasses with her bare face. Her fringe was also clipped up cutely and many fans felt that she looked more adorable than before.


#2 (G)I-DLE ‘s ShuHua

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[#슈화] 오랜만에 일상글을 올립니다 먼저 사랑하는 우리 가족들, 친구들, 쌤들 그리고 우리 네버랜드! 하쿠 마타까지 모두모두 행복했으면 좋겠어요♡ – 저는 물질주의자는 아니지만 삶을 즐기려고 해요 많은 분들이 항상 저한테 왜 너는 화장도 안하고 네일도 안하고 염색도 안해? 라고 물어보시는데 저는 많이 꾸미지는 않지만 외출하기 전에 거울을 보고 머리도 빗고 깔끔하게 단장하고 나가요~ 왜냐하면 이게 편하니까요 모든 사람은 추구하는 게 다 다르고 취향도 다르다는 것을 알아요 그래서 여러분이 좋아하는 것을 저는 존중합니다 저는 자연스러운 것을 좋아하고 이런 제 모습이 좋아요 남들이 보기에는 조금 부족할지 몰라도 저는 제 자신이 소중하다고 생각해요! 이게 바로 제가 생각하는 아름다움이에요 사람들이 저를 어떻게 판단할지 몰라도 저는 항상 당당한 이 모습 그대로 저를 계속 사랑할거에요 오늘은 제가 좋아하는 명언 두 마디를 소개해드리고 싶어요 「당신을 일부러 화나게 만드는 사람에게 절대 화내지 마세요」 「당신만의 장점이 있다는 것은 비교할 수 없을 만큼 큰 행복입니다」 – 中文在微博 太長了就不一起發在這了?

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ShuHua has recently made the headlines of several Korean media outlets after sharing a post of why she does not put on makeup. The young idol simply shared that she prefers the natural look and many fans agreed with her. They also pointed out that they love how she embraces her own beauty and hopes to see more idols do the same too.


#3 TWICE ‘s Tzuyu

Some time ago, the maknae of TWICE uploaded a photo of her in the airplane on their official Instagram. Many fans noticed that she did not put on makeup and actually love her look even more! Some were also envious of how pretty she looks even without makeup. Do you agree with them?


#4 ChungHa

Fans of ChungHa would know that she was known for showing her bare face ever since her appearance as a trainee on Mnet “Produce 101” Season 1! Back then, trainees were envious of how she looked the same after removing her makeup! After her debut, ChungHa has also frequently bare her face.


#5 Apink ‘s NaEun

For NaEun, makeup is not really necessary as she looks great even without them. Some time ago, she had posted pictures of her bare fare in a restaurant enjoying a meal. Fans were amazed and impressed by her bare face and hope that she would share more pictures of her without makeup.


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They are all so beautiful.


shoeha is ugly lmao


i personally find her face to be rather unattractive as she tends to look like a foot occasionally. and thats okay. beauty is in the eye of the beholder sweetie and i just dont find her face appealing whatsoever. get over it.


will you ever be on her level? No
never talk about anybody like that, especially someone who is actually beautiful.