Kim Samuel Has Been Hinting To Fans About Leaving Brave Entertainment?



Kim Samuel Has Been Hinting To Fans About Leaving Brave Entertainment?

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On June 10, reports of Kim Samuel saying that he had left his agency, Brave Entertainment had surfaced online.

According to one article by Korean media, Ilgan Sports, it was said that the young idol had leaved the entertainment agency. However, Brave Entertainment said that Kim Samuel had never leave the agency and said that they will announce an official statement soon. It was also mentioned that his solo plans were not discussed with them.

Based on the reports, it seemed that Kim Samuel has plans on promoting as an independent artist but without the knowledge of the agency. With that being said, some fans went to take a look at his previous Instagram posts.

Looking back, the young idol might have left clues, hinting that he was going to do something different.

On May 24, he uploaded a picture with Korean writings which has the meaning of ‘another path’ or ‘another road’.

Later, on June 5, Kim Samuel uploaded a picture of his drawing of Hollywood and him sitting in an airplane, with the caption ‘Start’.

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Start. 시작

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It looks like he definitely had been planning for this moment and the idea of him promoting in Hollywood also gave excitement to the fans.

Finally on June 8, Kim Samuel had written a letter to his fans, telling them his updates and future plans.

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Dear my garnets, 사랑하는 나의 가넷분들이 저를 너무 많이 걱정 하시는것 같아 이렇게 글을 씁니다. 그동안 저의 상황의 변화가 있음을 추측하며 걱정해주시고 격려해 주셨던 소중한 팬분들에게 저는 이제부터 단독적으로 활동하게 되었음을 제일먼저 알려드리고자 합니다. 그동안 저만을 믿고 지지해주셨던 가넷분들에게 많고 다양한 방법으로 소통과 만남을 진행할것이며, 곧 좋은 곡과 멋진 퍼포먼스로 여러분 앞에 나타날것을 약속드리겠습니다. 지금까지 기다려 주셨던 믿음을 저버리는 일은 절대로 없을것이며, 저는 가넷의 자랑스런 사무엘이 되겠습니다. . Dear my garnets, I am writing in response to Garnets who seem to be worrying too much about me. I would like to inform my important fans who have been encouraging me that I started my career as a solo musician. I will continue to communicate and meet with Garnet in various ways, and promise to show up with good music and wonderful performance soon. I will never forget that you believed in me and waited for me. I will be Samuel who Garnet is proud of.

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With that being said, it looked like Kim Samuel had been thinking about starting a solo career for some time.

Fans are supportive in his decision and hope that they would be able to see him return with the music he loves soon. On the other hand, they are also wondering how will Brave Entertainment react to Kim Samuel’s actions.

What do you think might happen?


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