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Do you like it when K-Pop idols upload a cover of the song from another K-Pop idol? Well if you do, you are definitely at the right article.

On Mar. 30, it was noted by many K-Pop fans that OH MY GIRL's Mimi had uploaded a dance cover of NCT 127's 'Kick It' on their official Twitter account.

Take a look for yourself below!

She had mentioned that a lot of her fans, Miracle, had requested for the dance cover and ended up uploading it. However, she also shared that it was really difficult and asked them to go easy on her.

After watching the short dance cover, many were amazed by how powerful her dance was and wanted more from her! Needless to say, many also mentioned that they loved how she had managed to cover the point dance of 'Kick It' perfectly.

OH MY GIRL will be making their long awaited comeback in April.

Were you also impressed by Mimi's cover of 'Kick It'?


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