Red Velvet’s Irene Impresses With Quick Reaction On Live Broadcast



Red Velvet’s Irene Impresses With Quick Reaction On Live Broadcast

Irene red velvet, Irene live

Red Velvet V-Live

Red Velvet‘s Irene impresses one more time netizens!

This time, it is none other than her quickness to react. Her skill got noticed in “Red Velvet Comeback Live” held on V-Live on November 29th.

The girl noticed the falling frame before other members. Also, she knew that it was going to fall early in time. She had her hand ready to catch it and surprisingly, she caught it.

Irene wows netizens with such quickness. They commented “Wow incredible”, “Sixth sense”, “She has so many charms”, etc. Some netizens also mentioned that she must have good hearing abilities as she was apparently the only one to have noticed the sound of the frame slowly getting off the wall before it falls.

You can have a look at the whole video below. It happened at around 39 min. Earlier in the live, the frame fell already and the girls stuck it one more time.

Are you surprised too?


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she caught Seulgi XD


That was really freaky. Irene actually winced, and turn around BEFORE the picture frame fell. Its as if she knew it was going to fall. There was no sign of the frame shaking before she turned!!!