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Have you been keeping up with the trainees from Starship Entertainment?

Many K-Pop lovers noticed that for the past month, the agency has been revealing new faces to fans. They counted and realised that the number of trainees which Starship Entertainment had revealed is 9!

Although it is unsure how many trainees the agency is planning to reveal, many are also wondering if all of them are going to form the next boy group. For now, let's take a look at who they are!


#1 HyeongJun

Many would recall adorable Song HyeongJun as he had previously participated in Mnet "Produce X 101" and debuted as a member of X1.


#2 MinHee

Just like Song HyeongJun, Kang MinHee had also debuted as a member of X1 after his participation on the same audition program.


#3 WonJin

For those who had been a loyal viewer of "Produce X 101" would also remember Ham WonJin as he was known as one of the prominent dancers out there.


#4 JungMo

Koo JungMo is another trainee that had appeared on "Produce X 101". Ever since then, he had been stealing the hearts of many fans thanks to his sweet and charming looks.


#5 Ahn SungMin

Ahn SungMin is the first trainee that Starship Entertainment had revealed after the end of "Produce X 101" in October last year. You can check out more about his past pictures here.


#6 Park SeRim

It has not been long since Park SeRim was revealed to fans but he had also been gaining quite a far bit of attention too! Check out some of his past photos which netizens had found here.


#7 Kim TaeYoung

Kim TaeYoung is another trainee which had only been revealed almost a week ago! So far not much information about him had been found out by the netizens. Many are saying that he was born in 2003 but nothing has been confirmed yet.


#8 Seo WooBin

Just 2 days ago, Seo WooBin was revealed by Starship Entertainment and once again, not much information about him had been revealed too.


#9 Allen

The latest trainee revealed is none other than Allen! It was said that he was previously a trainee under JYP Entertainment and had appeared during "Stray Kids" survival show.

Do you think Starship Entertainment will be debuting them soon? Share with us your opinion below!


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Feb 3, 2020 08:35 am

I hope to see Allen debut~