Although it has been awhile since Red Velvet released their latest track 'RBB', netizens could not help but talk about the way SeulGi dances. The way SeulGi dances has been causing a hot issue on online communities.

One reason for that is because how she looks so amazing doing any simple and small actions. Especially through a focus camera uploaded by MBC during one of their stages in "Music Core", netizens talked about how great she looks.

You can check out the full video below.

Of course, this is also not the first time netizens have talked about the way SeulGi dances.

SeulGi has also amazed people with her powerful and sharp movements.

Some netizens comment on how envious they are of her and also wish to be able to dance as well as her. They also praise her positive and professional attitude especially when it comes to performance.

Do you agree with them too?


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