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It is not easy to survive as an idol in the K-Pop industry as the competition is really tough. There are many occasions where a group ended up disbanding due to many unexpected circumstances.

For this coming autumn, it was reported that one K-Pop idol will be making his 4th debut. If you have been keeping up with the news, you might already know that he is none other than Lee HanGyul.

Lee HanGyul had first made his debut under the boy group, IM, in 2017.

Unfortunately, things did not go as well and he was later seen in the survival program KBS "The Unit".

The K-Pop Idol Who Will Be Making His 4th Debut This Autumn

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He was ranked the 13rd on the program but that being said, it did not allow him to be part of the debuting lineup.

Later, he had appeared on Mnet "Produce X 101" along side with Nam DoHyonunder MBK Entertainment.

Both of them made it into X1and in 2019, Lee HanGyul made a debut once more with title track 'FLASH'.

However, because of the controversy, X1 disbanded eventually. Later, Lee HanGyul formed an unit with Nam DoHyon called H&Dand debuted officially in April 2020.

The K-Pop Idol Who Will Be Making His 4th Debut This Autumn

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Just a few days ago, MBK Entertainment had announced that both Lee HanGyul and Nam DoHyon will be debuting in their 8-member boy group sometime this coming autumn.

With that being said, it was going to be the 4th time for Lee HanGyul to be making his debut.

Many of his fans are supporting him continuously and hope that he could make it big with the upcoming debut. Some have also been sharing positive comments with him on various social media outlets.

Did you also know that Lee HanGyul will be making his 4th debut?


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May 18, 2020 02:37 am

It's Sad Really...Hangyul is soo Underrated.
I Hope People Pay More Attention To Him And I Also Wish That Their Group Debut, People Will Show Some Attention Towards Them. Well, It Depends How Their Company Promotes Them.

I Can't Wait For Their Debut.