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K-Pop songs convey different types of messages and evoke several emotions making us relate to and feel what our favorite idols try to express. While some might be an expression of sadness, pain, and heartbreaks, others just make you want to put your dancing shoes on, get on your feet, and groove to the beat. 

While there are so many songs to pick from, here are some K-Pop songs for a great time.


1. MAMAMOO - 'Decalcomanie'

From the drumline beat to the catchy chorus to the live vocals and the fast-paced rap, this song has been a fan favorite for a long time. With its rich and melodious tone with a joyful tempo, this song emotes the need for one to start dancing and have a good time.

It is one of the groups most watched and streamed songs massing over 77 million views on YouTube (Both the dance version and official video) and 35 million streams on Spotify.


2. Red Velvet - 'Red Flavor'

A fan favorite and one of the group's most-streamed songs. With incredible vocals and funky beat, this fruity and colorful song is bound to get your hands gyrating in the air and your feet stomping to the beat. A perfect song for summer. 


3. SF9 - 'My Story, My Song'

A song in our opinion that tells about their journey. A song dedicated to their fans who had embarked on this journey and been with them through it all, it gives a sense of acknowledgment to everyone who listens to it. The song is filled with harmonious vocals and adlibs mixed with rich instrumentals that create a sense of warmth, care, and healing for its listeners with many commenting how "Emotional", "Comfortable" and "Touching" the song is. 

They gave fans a thrilling performance of this song at their Vlive showcase back in July 2020. Check out the full performance here at 01:14:20. 


4. BTS - 'Permission to Dance'

Get on your dancing shoes cause you don't need permission to dance to this tune. This fun and chill song has proven to be one of the best songs released this year with its funky disco-like tune and melodious sound, it creates a feeling of excitement and empowerment in its listeners. 


5. EXO - 'Don't Mess Up My Tempo'

EXO is widely recognized for giving us a diverse range of music, always something different and unique and this song doesn't disappoint. Its perfect harmonies, soft but quick-paced tempo, and a finger-snapping groovy vibe make the delicious mix of this song that just gets you dancing. 


6. TVXQ's YunHo - 'Thank U'

The beat and the lyrics of this song will definitely get you dancing and happy. The TVXQ singer says "Thank you for dislike me" a lyric that we translate to a message to his haters who don't like him and says mean things about him but he really couldn't care less because he is happy.


7. BTOB 4U - 'Show Your Love' 

A fun song with a very important message. Produced with an energetic and upbeat sound mixed with incredibly melodious vocals add up to make this song perfect. It is comforting, resounding, and in tune with a clear message and call out for the world today. 


8. MONSTA X - 'Stand Up' 

The group will literally make you Stand Up jumping and popping with this song. The song would be a perfect song to play at a festival or concert. It is fun, tuneful, and bright.


9. Jessi - 'Nunu Nana'

"A fist in the air, one hand on your waist, arch your back, clap your thighs" Now sing "Geuraeso nan nunu nana!"

The rapper had everyone doing this dance move and screaming this line when she released her hit hip hop track back in 2020. It was refreshing, thrilling, and energetic.


10. WOODZ - 'Bump Bump'

The first opening seconds begin with a single-stringed guitar sound and then comes Woodz's voice that sounds like a catalyst that rockets you into this hype punk rock world where you're forcefully nodding your head in tune with the rock and roll vibes the song gives off. The sped-up tempo at the ending creates a rush of excitement that you cannot help but hit the replay button.

Did any of your favorite songs make this list? Comment your thoughts down below. 




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Sep 16, 2021 08:02 pm

I always cry when I listen to my story, my song. it's pretty and emotional.