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Weddings are very special occasions, regardless of whether they're your own wedding or someone else's. While all the customs and traditions are important, the real fun starts at the after-party where everyone's celebrating the big day. What is of utmost significance during this time is the wedding playlist! 

Here are 5 K-Pop songs that you should play at a wedding!


Paul Kim - 'Me After You'

Paul Kim's 'Me After You' will forever be one of the sweetest love songs ever, no matter the language or genre. The lyrics are so heartfelt and the song itself is so pure, with an unadulterated focus on Paul Kim's glorious vocals that this song will definitely bring those tears of happiness to your eyes as you sway with your loved one.


IU - 'Peach'

The innocent playfulness of this song will bring back all the memories you have with your significant other, right from the butterflies you felt when you first met to the moment you decided to tie the knot. If we go by the lyrics, this song would also be perfect to propose to them with and revisit on your wedding day.


ZICO - 'Soulmate' ft. IU

Do you feel like you and your partner went through a hundred hurdles to get to each other and now that you're here, you couldn't be happier? ZICO's 'Soulmate' featuring IU is the perfect song for you. Depending on your love story, you could imbue this song with a whole lot of emotional meaning, making it that much more special for your wedding day.


ASTRO - 'You're My World'

ASTRO has songs for every mood and for everyone's taste. If you're looking for the perfect song for your first dance with your newly-wedded partner, there couldn't be a better pick than ASTRO's 'You're My World'. The beautiful flow of the song is ideal for an affectionate round of slow-dancing or even a more energetic choreography! If this is what you're dancing to on your wedding day, rest assured about having a blissful married life from then on.


BTS - 'Euphoria'

Finally, the song that makes even single people feel like they're deeply, irrevocably in love with someone, 'Euphoria'! This song feels like there's no one else in the world other than you and your beloved and that feeling is unbeatable, especially on your wedding day. If you're at someone else's wedding, do them a favour and play them this song. It'll be the highlight of their day without a doubt. 


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Euphoria is the best songs to play at wedding 🥰🥰💜💜