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“20th Century Girl” is a romance film about experiencing first love. 

The leads in the film are Kim YooJung, Byeon WooSeok, Park JungWoo, and Roh YoonSeo. 

Kim YooJung started her career as one of the most successful child actresses and has appeared in many works since then. The Top Hallyu actress recently appeared in the dramas  “Lovers Of The Red Sky”,  “Backstreet Rookie” and "Clean With Passion For Now".

Byeon WooSeok is steadily rising in popularity. He has starred in the popular dramas Record of Youthand "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency". He is currently filming with Yoo SeungHo and HyeRi for "When Flowers Bloom I Think Of The Moon"

Park JungWoo recently appeared in the dramas "Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation" and "Hospital Playlist".

Rookie actress, Roh YoonSeo, has been drawing attention through her modeling and is expected to show great chemistry on screen with Park JungWoo. The two showcased perfect synchronization in their auditions so the audience can expect great moments between their characters in the film. 

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20th Century Girl 2022

"20th Century Girl" (2022 Netflix Film): Cast & Summary




Title: 20th Century Girl / Isip Sege Sonyeo / 20세기 소녀

Director: ​​​Bang WooRi

Writer: -

Network: Netflix

Release Date: -

Genre: Romance

Language: Korean



A story set in 1999 about BoRa and her painful and exciting experience finding and accepting her first love.



"20th Century Girl" (2022 Netflix Film): Cast & Summary

Awesome Entertainment

Kim YooJung as BoRa

BoRa is 17-years-old and tends to put friendship before love. She stumbles upon love unknowingly and struggles with her feelings.


"20th Century Girl" (2022 Netflix Film): Cast & Summary

Varo Entertainment

Byeon WooSeok as Pung WoonHo

BoRa’s classmate and a member of the broadcasting club.


"20th Century Girl" (2022 Netflix Film): Cast & Summary

Varo Entertainment

Park JungWoo as Baek HyunJin

WoonHo’s best friend and the target of YeonDu’s unrequited love.


"20th Century Girl" (2022 Netflix Film): Cast & Summary

Roh YunSeo Instagram

Roh YoonSeo as YeonDu

YeonDu is BoRa’s best friend. She fell in love with HyunJin at first sight and is experiencing unrequited love. She asked BoRa to find out everything there is to know about HyunJin for her while she is in the United States getting heart surgery.


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Sep 6, 2021 09:05 pm

Wow intresting plot and cast also good my baby KYJ rooting for this movie 😍😍😍