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Do you know the favorite slogans of your bias K-Pop idol groups?

Become an insider among the fans of your favorite K-Pop idol group by learning their signature slogans! Each K-Pop groups have a signature slogan that they give back and forth with their fans. It’s a little inside thing that helps us feel closer to our idols. Fans use the slogans during concerts, events, and programmings. It’s used to the point where you’ll know who’s concert you’re at if you just recognize what everyone is chanting!

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So before you prepare to attend your first concert of your bias group, make sure you catch up on their inside slogans. And know what they mean! You never know, you may find yourself in a devotion battle between fans and this information will come in handy.

1. BIG BANG – “BIG BANG is My Everything”

Our Kings of Kings, BIG BANG Oppas, keep it short and simple. Just as much as they show their devotion to their VIPs, the VIPs devote themselves to BIG BANG. That’s why literally, BIG BANG is VIPs’ everything, and VIPs are BIG BANG’s Everything. How short, sweet, and sentimental!

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

YG Entertainment, Samsung, NatePann

2. EXO – “We Are One” & “Let’s Love!”

The new K-Pop Kings in town, EXO have two signature slogans. The first, “We Are One” comes after the departure of the three Chinese members, Kris, Luhan, and Tao. With the team seeming to fall apart, the EXO boys and EXO-Ls held together with the phrase, literally meaning that no matter what happens, we are together. The 2nd slogan is simple enough. It means “Let’s Love!” With so much happening in the world, EXO fans always remember to stay positive and love, not hate.

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans


3. INFINITE – “Let’s Go Together”, “Even If It’s Not a Road of Flowers, Let’s Walk Together”, “Let’s See Each Other For a Long Time”

The INFINITE boys seem to love going somewhere with their fans. It’s not surprising, considering the mountains of obstacles that they’ve climbed with their fans to get to where they are now. Even if the road is rough and the light seems far, the INFINITE boys want to walk the path together with the INSPIRITS. And walk together for a very long time.

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Square Box, Nate Pann,

4. BEAST – “Let’s Meet For a Long Time”, “No Beu, No Be. No Be, No Beu.”

Much like the INFINITE boys, BEAST wants to be able to meet their fans for a very long time. Their second slogan is a shorten phrase of “Without Beauties, there is no Beast. Without Beast, there are no Beauties.” This basically means that the BEAST boys and their fans, Beauties, are one. Without the other, the other wouldn’t exist.

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Midnight, MiZone, Nate Pann

5. BTOB – “YeJiApSa”

The BTOB boys are seriously clever and witty. Their slogan is a shortened phrase for “YeJunEeNa JiGeumEeNa ApPeuRoDo SaRangHae”. In English, the phrase means “Since before, to now, and in the future, I’ll love you.” It seems the BTOB boys know how to romantically win the hearts of the Melodys! Their slogan became so popular for their cleverness that it became a common phrase used among Korean couples.

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Isplus, NatePann

6. VIXX – “NaRaSae”

Another clever phrase, NaRaSae is a word the VIXX members say to their fans to show their affection. NaRaSae is basically a unique pronunciation of the phrase “SaRangHae” (which means I love you) backwards. So read SaRangHae backwards for HaeRangSa and add a little VIXX affection to it to get NaRaSae. How adorable! It’s become a secret code among the VIXX members and Starlights.

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Jellyfish Entertainment, NatePann, Imgur

7. WINNER – “I Cheer On You Who Stands On Stage”, “Thank You Always”, “WiItInIt, InItWiIt”

WINNER’s lucky to have such clever and adoring fans. The Inside Circles have created a slogan that is perfect for the boys. “I Cheer On You Who Stands The Stage” in Korean is “MuDaeWi NuhHeeDeulEul EungWonHae”. Do you see something inside the letters? The ending of the first word and the beginning of the second word spells out WINNER in Korean! And to show their thanks for the Inner Circles, the WINNER boys always reply back with “Thank You Always”. WINNER says this because without their votes, WINNER would not have been able to debut through their survival audition show, WIN. Lastly, much like BEAST’s slogan, WINNER and the Inner Circle collaborated a more positive note to make “Because WINNER Exists, Inner Circles Exist. Because Inner Circles Exist, WINNER Exists.”

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Ya! Potato, Mino Thumbs Up, Nate Pann

8. GOT7  – “Everyday is Special”, “IGOT7s Trust GOT7, and GOT7 Trusts IGOT7”

The GOT7 boys want to make sure you remember that everyday is special when the GOT7s and IGOT7s are together. And what’s the most important thing in a relationship? Trust! GOT7 wants their loyal fans to know that they can trust GOT7, and the IGOT7 fans want the GOT7 boys to know that they can trust IGOT7s. Trust is what makes a relationship strong!

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Nate Pann

9. BTS – “WooJiHwa”, “Your Audience Forever”

The famous line of the BangTan Boys is WooJiHwa. WooJiHwa stands for “WooRi HamKkaeHaNeun JiGeum, HwaYangYeonHwa.” In English translation, it means “Our Time Together Now is the Happiest and Most Wonderful Time of Our Lives.” Awwww! HwaYangYeonHwa is a 4 Chinese letter phrase, which indicates that the person is at their peak of happiness of their lives. We can’t agree more! And as a response, the ARMYs have quoted the phrase “Your Audience Forever”, which shows the depth of their loyalty to their BTS oppas!

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans


10. SHINee – “Let’s Meet Each Other Like This For a Long Time”, “We’ll Make Sure You Only Walk On Flowers”

SHINee’s slogan has a special meaning just as special as it is written. Their first slogan is written out as “5Neul CheoRum 2RotGe 5RaeBoJa.” The phrase has the number 525, which stands for SHINee’s debut date: May 25th. With so much love between SHINee and the SHINee Worlds, we don’t doubt that they’ll forever be walking through smooth roads paved with flowers.

 10 Things: Slogans Between K-Pop Members and Their Fans

Etomato, Anemone, Nate Pann


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INFINITE is special at any sbj even slogans~.~

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WINNER! You forget 위너 라서 고마워 /wineo raseo gomaweo/ Thank you for being WINNER.