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When you think about K-Pop idols, a certain subjective standard of beauty likely comes to mind. Admittedly, there is a specific look that one needs to fit into to become a successful idol. This standard naturally leads to a lot of similarities, be it in fashion trends, concepts, hairstyles, or even jawlines. Well, the trends we are about to mention in this article go as far as the placement of facial features.

These days, Koreans are paying special attention to what animal K-Pop idols and other Korean celebrities resemble. The way that certain facial features align on their face determines their resemblance to a certain type of animal. At first, being compared to an animal may seem a little unusual, but the animals that these idols are compared to are quite adorable. Here is a list of the different animal face types and the idols who have them.


1. Puppy

The puppy-face is often characterized by round doe (sometimes droopy or deeper set) eyes, a short nose, and soft facial lines. These idols tend to appear youthful and playful because of their naturally bright expressions and friendly disposition. Their image is perceived as innocent and kind.

Notable puppy-faced K-Pop idols include IU and TXT's BeomGyu. Both of them have kind and approachable expressions, adding to their existing charm.

 6 Animal Face Types That Are Trending Among K-Pop Idols

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2. Turtle

This may be one of the stranger comparisons, but it doesn't refer to real-life turtles. K-Pop idols who have turtle faces usually resemble the "Pokémon" turtle Squirtle. Squirtle has a wide smile and large eyes that take up its circular face.

The K-Pop idols best known for looking like Squirtle include MAMAMOO's Solar and Red Velvet's YeRi. Their smiles are infectious and take up their whole face, making you want to smile with them.

 6 Animal Face Types That Are Trending Among K-Pop Idols

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3. Cat

K-Pop idols with cat faces tend to have big sharp eyes and distinct lines on their face. They have sharp noses, piercing gazes, and usually, give off an air of sexiness. They can seem intimidating or cold, but this is often a misunderstanding based on their chic appearance. The puppy and cat faces are the most popular visuals trending amongst idols.

BTS's Suga and Red Velvet's SeulGi are famous for their cat faces. SeulGi is often debated by K-Pop fans as being on the border of a cat and fox face (see number 5) but regardless of which category she falls under, her eyes are captivating.

 6 Animal Face Types That Are Trending Among K-Pop Idols

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4. Bunny

These idols have very noticeable smiles, especially because of their front teeth. Their eyes are large and bright - making them similar to idols with puppy faces. The difference lies in how their smiles set them apart and the size of their nose and lips being smaller than the upper portion of their faces. These idols are also famous for having adorable cheeks.

Idols who have bunny faces include TWICE's NaYeon and BTS's JungKook. These two have contagious smiles and pouts that make you want to stare at their selfies forever.

 6 Animal Face Types That Are Trending Among K-Pop Idols

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5. Fox

K-Pop idols with a fox face are similar to those with a cat face because of their sharp eyes and clean-cut features. Their look tends to be more defined than the typical cat face with narrower chins and pointed noses, though.

These idols usually have stand-offish dispositions and exteriors, but just watching ITZY member YeJi and ATEEZ member San's personalities confirms that is far from the truth.

Here is a list of other K-Pop idols who are considered to have foxy faces.

 6 Animal Face Types That Are Trending Among K-Pop Idols

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6. Dinosaur

This is a more masculine face type. These K-Pop idols usually have distinct features and charismatic dispositions. Although they may look tougher than most idols on the outside, a lot of them are innocent and cute on the inside. They usually have strong jawlines and bone structures.

Some K-Pop idols who are considered to have dinosaur faces include MONSTA X's JooHoney and Big Bang's T.O.P. Their bone structure is unmatched and their visuals unique and handsome.

 6 Animal Face Types That Are Trending Among K-Pop Idols

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These are only a few of the K-Pop idols associated with these animal face types. Do you have any other idols that you can think of who resembles an animal?




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