The Playlist romance web drama "Pop Out Boy!" is popular in Korea. Weki Meki's DoYeon and Kim MinKyu are the lead actor of this new web drama.

It tells the story of Han SeonNyeo (DoYeon) and Chun NamWook (Kim MinKyu). She has the same face and name as the heroine in the manga, but her personality is her opposite. It tells her romance with handsome Chun NamWook who popped out of the manga and appeared in front of her.

The drama just started on June 25 and the two actors transformed into high school students.

Be aware of major spoilers.

It has not been long since the start of their love (?) story but they already had a kiss scene at the end of episode 2!

In that episode, Kim MinKyu showered Kim DoYeon with love and kept bothering her with cheesy lines. But, she does not like him. He is seriously impacting her daily life and she only wants him to disappear. Since that he kept on requesting a kiss, she couldn't bear it anymore and wanted him to disappear from her life.

DoYeon: "Let's do it. The kiss."

Kim MinKyu: "Are you sure? You said you didn't want to. Why the change of heart?"

DoYeon: "Because I want you to leave so badly that I'd even kiss you."

She lifted the curtains of the classroom and kissed him.

Weki Meki's DoYeon Kisses Kim MinKyu In "Pop Out Boy!"


Weki Meki's DoYeon Kisses Kim MinKyu In "Pop Out Boy!"


Many are looking forward to the next episodes.

Are you watching the drama?


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