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The 9 lovely girls of fromis_9 are back with their 1st single album "FUN FACTORY"!

They are set to return on June 4 and some time ago, the track list of "FUN FACTORY" was released on their official social media accounts.

Looking at the latest information about their comeback, there will be 3 different tracks with 'FUN' being the title track. 'LOVE RUMPUMPUM' and 'FLY HIGH' are also included in the single album.

According to fromis_9, 'FUN' is a dance track based on house disco rhythm. It is produced by Drew Ryan Scott, Sean Michael Alexander and MELODESIGN who had also previously worked with the girls for 'LOVE BOMB'. It looks like they are once again working together! With that being said, many fans are excited and could not wait to hear the new song.

Are You Ready To Have 'FUN' With Fromis_9 In "FUN FACTORY"?

fromis_9 Official Twitter

Aside from the title track, 'LOVE RUMPUMPUM' is based on retro sync pop sound and has the theme of retro. As for 'FLY HIGH', it was said that member Song HaYoung and Park JiWon had participated in the writing and composing of the song, gaining attention from many.

Are you also excited for their comeback?


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