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On Mar. 4, the semester begins for schools in Korea and K-Pop idols who are still schooling would have to welcome the new semester.

Previously, Kpopmap wrote an article about 11 different K-Pop idols who were spotted at the entrance ceremony for Hanlim Multi Arts School. Despite that being said, only several idols were starting high school for the first time whereas others were there to continue schooling.

It was noted that Kim Samuel was accepted into the school as a freshman.

Kim Samuel And Yoo SeonHo Reunite In Hanlim Multi Arts School

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He posed for the reporters who had made their way there and fans also noticed how he had uploaded a picture together with Yoo SeonHo.

For those who may not know, both of them first met when they appeared on Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2. Fans believe that through the audition program, the two boys most probably got closer. They are also of the same age!

As Yoo SeonHo was enrolled into Hanlim Multi Arts School back in 2018, this makes him a 'sunbae' of Kim Samuel.

Fans of both idols were excited as they could not wait to see how their close friendship would unfold as well as the future possible interactions.

Congratulations to Samuel once again!


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