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Welcome back to Kpopmap weekly series!

In this Thursday series, we are choosing THE most romantic scene of the week. It is an editor pick series (or a weekly dilemma to choose only one).

The selection is done from dramas airing from Wednesdays to the following Tuesdays (currently watching: "River Where The Moon Rises", "Hello, Me!", "Vincenzo", "Not Yet Thirty", "Be My Boyfriend", "The Sweet Blood", "Navillera").

Be aware of MAJOR spoilers.

This week (Mar. 31 - Apr. 6) our pick goes to Song JoongKi and Jeon YeoBeen sharing a magical moment in "Vincenzo".


Until now there was almost no romance between consigliere Song JoongKi (acting as Vincenzo Casano) and lawyer Jeon YeoBeen (acting as Hong ChaYoung). They have been too busy fighting against the evil Babel and trying to get the gold out of the building.

There were a few hints on their hidden feelings for each other. In the recent episode, their romance took a turn as they shared a magical moment.

The two of them were on a secret mission and pretended to be the couple who rented the art gallery. They did not expect that the man who rented the gallery also asked for a surprise event to propose.

Song JoongKi to protect their identity went along and proposed to Jeon YeoBeen "Would you marry me?". But all the employees of the gallery were waiting for a kiss.

At first, he refused but Jeon YeoBeen took the lead and kissed first.

It might have started as a role play but their kiss soon turned real. Viewers could feel the magical moment they were spending.

Jeon YeoBeen: "This is such a magical night. I will never forget".

Song JoongKi: "I will never forget this night either".


Here is last week's pick.

See you next Thursday!

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