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It seems that this season of dramas is particularly good in romance and romantic-comedy dramas.

Many dramas are popular in and out of Korea. There are adorable couples that are gaining love from the viewers. Kiss scenes are always an important point in the drama story and usually get the fans excited.

Among the dramas airing now, here is a selection of the best ones.


1- “My Strange Hero

Yoo SeungHo as Kang BokSoo and Jo BoAh as Son SooJung have been in love with each other for a long time. They are first love that meet again as adults. BokSoo’s love for her is the sweetest and they share an adorable kiss scene.


2- “Encounter

Song HyeKyo as Cha SooHyun and Park BoGum as Kim JinHyuk had a sweet kiss scene. Viewers of the drama could not help but support their sincere love story going through external hardships.


3- “Memories Of The Alhambra

Park ShinHye as Jeong HeeJoo and HyunBin as Yoo JinWoo are finally (?) getting more into romance. Viewers deeply transported in the action and thriller would have almost forgotten about their love relationship.


4- “Clean With Passion For Now

Kim YooJung as Gil OhSol and Yoon KyunSang as Jang SeonKyul already had a kiss scene before this one but it was not really a both way wanted kiss. Now that both characters started to realize their feelings one for the other, this kiss scene looks adorable yet awkward with “I just have to check something” coming before the kiss.

Sweetest 4 Kiss Scenes Of Airing K-Dramas


Do you have a favorite?


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