Actor Lee JongSuk is a top Hallyu actor. He is well-known for his model-like beautiful features and good acting.

The actor's beautiful physique and talents are not his only qualities, Lee JongSuk is also very loyal and kind. Throughout the years, he showed at several times that he is sweet to his (previous) colleagues, acquaintances, and friends, proving that his heart is also beautiful.

Here is a collection of some of his actions showing his loyalty, generosity, and kindness.


1- Apparition in the drama "Gogh, The Starry Night"

Lee JongSuk made a special apparition in the drama "Gogh, The Starry Night" (2016) because the PD of this drama -Jo SooWon- directed the dramas "I Can Hear Your Voice" (2013) and Pinocchio" (2014) where Lee JongSuk acted.

Actor Lee JongSuk's Generosity And Loyalty Is Heart-Warming



2- Attendance at the birthday of the daughter of Yoon SangHyun

The actor went to the birthday of the daughter of actor Yoon SangHyun with Lee BoYoung in 2016. He worked with both actors on the drama "I Can Hear Your Voice" (2013) and for Yoon SangHyun, they also met on "Secret Garden" (2010).



3- Food trucks for "Doctors" set

In 2016, during "Doctors" filming, the actor sent two food trucks for Park ShinHye, Yoon KyunSang, and Lee SungKyung. Park ShinHye and Yoon KyunSang acted together with the actor in "Pinocchio" (2014).




4- Coffee truck for PD JinKyuk

Lee JongSuk sent a coffee truck and visited the set of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" (2016) to meet PD JinHyuk with who he worked on "Doctor Stanger" (2014).

Actor Lee JongSuk's Generosity And Loyalty Is Heart-Warming

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5- Coffee truck to Yoon KyunSang and appearing in "Three Meals a Day" 

Yoon KyunSang received other coffee trucks from Lee JongSuk on the set of his drama "Oh the Mysterious" (right) and also recently for the drama "Clean With Passion From Now" (left).

Actor Lee JongSuk's Generosity And Loyalty Is Heart-Warming

Yoon KyunSang's Instagram

In 2017, Lee JongSuk also appeared in the TV show where Yoon KyunSang was a cast member: "Three Meals a Day". The two actors have a sweet friendship.

Actor Lee JongSuk's Generosity And Loyalty Is Heart-Warming



6- Holidays in Hawaii with Kim WooBin in August 2018

The friendship between Lee JongSuk and Kim WooBin is one of the most famous in Korean entertainment. They know each other since modeling days and have a strong friendship. They recently went on holidays together in Hawaii. (The picture below is from 2016).



7- Coffee Truck to Go SungHee

Actress Go SungHee received a coffee truck from Lee JongSuk on October 9th on the set of "Ms. Ma, Nemesis". They previously acted together in the drama "While You Were Sleeping" (2017).



8- Casting in "Hymn Of Death" 

Some people say that Lee JongSuk starring in "Hymn Of Death" (2018) is also linked to his loyalty for the PD (Park SooJin) who also directed in "While You Were Sleeping" (2017) (where the actor was the main character).

Many fans are waiting for the actor's upcoming dramas "Hymn of Death" (2018) and “Romance Is A Supplement” (2019).

Do you find the actor's loyalty sweet?


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Nov 20, 2018 12:16 am

Yes, he is so sweet - ah i smile even when i see his picture. He is definitely very loyal too. Look forward to watch his new drama ?