Jo BoAh's Instagram

Actress Jo BoAh knows how to take amazing pictures.

The actress has acted in popular dramas such as "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" (2012), "Surplus Princess" (2014), "Monster" (2016), "Sweet Stranger and Me" (2016) or "Temperature of Love" (2017). She is one of the top rising actresses in her twenties.

She is pretty active on her Instagram with pictures of her daily life, endorsements or related to her dramas. Not only does she has selfies, but also a variety of pictures. The actress looks like a doll in all those pictures showing her cute and sexy sides. She also knows how to take funny pictures and shares cute pictures of dogs too.

On April 29th, Jo BoAh uploaded a new stunning picture of herself! Make sure to check the second picture of her same post.

Fans commented that she looks young and pretty and that she looks like a doll.

The actress will be acting in the new drama "Parting Left" also known as "Goodbye To Goodbye" to air on May 26th on MBC.


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