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On Feb. 18, BTS's J-Hope turns 28th (Korean age) and ARMY from all over the world are celebrating his birthday!

Hashtags could be seen trending on Twitter and many were also sharing beautiful pictures and videos of J-Hope online too.

Adding on to the joyous celebration, it was revealed that the idol had actually donated 150 million won to children with visual and hearing impairment who suffer from financial difficulties.

BTS's J-Hope Celebrates Birthday By Donating 150 Million Won To Children With Visual & Hearing Impairment

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As of now, it was reported that J-Hope had made a total of 600 million won donation to Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea, helping disadvantaged children in need.

The idol shared that he had noticed how there was an increase in the number of family suffering from economic issues. Especially for family with children with disabilities, the worldwide pandemic had a huge impact on them and J-Hope hoped that he could help to alleviate some of their burden.

Those who had seen the news could not help but praised the idol for his continuous kind deeds.

BTS will be releasing their album "BE (Essential Edition)" on Feb. 19.

Happy birthday once again to J-Hope!


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